Taldinskaja West-1 sets records

Sewage treatment team of mine "Taldinskaja West-1" OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass" two-million ton of coal produced from the beginning of the year.

Such a result the team, led by the hero of Kuzbass Vladimir Berezovsky, reached first in the Siberian Coal Energy Company, in the Kuznetsk Basin and the entire coal industry in Russia.
All the coal mined from the lava № 67-09, working off that started in February 2013. Slaughter of the upgraded features 174 sections lining DBT produced in Germany and most modern bottom-hole-transport complex consisting of a face conveyor, loader, crusher and high-shearer 7LS6S (JOY).
Brigade Vladimir Berezovsky owned incumbent Russian record for the extraction of coal from one longwall per month in March 2013 issued on-mountain brigade 1,007 tons

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