Technoserv adapted National Platform Helios TC-112 to work in cloud environments

The group of companies "Technoserv", Russia's largest system integrator, has announced a new release of its own decisions, "National Platform Helios TC — 112," adapted for use in virtualized environments.

"National Platform Helios TC-112" (NP Helios TS — 112) — is developed "TECHNOSERV" integrated information system software for receiving and processing complaints of the population to emergency services on a single number "112".


The solution includes in its membership both software and infrastructure components. Special software "NA Helios TC — 112" has been developed in the group "Technoserv" company "Reksoft" — one of the leading Russian software developers. When you create a System-112 in the region "Technoserv" provides a full range of activities, ranging from civil works, supply of equipment and the establishment of appropriate ICT infrastructure (data centers, call centers) to the information security and integration platform "HELIOS TM TS — 112" with information systems departments in the region.

Strengthening the participation of the regions in the implementation of the federal target program "Creation of a security call emergency services on a single number" 112 "in the Russian Federation for 2012 — 2017" imposes new requirements on the system in its class. First of all, the solution must be adapted to the already established various technical and system infrastructure of each region. It is on the solution of this problem has been directed to develop a new version of "NP Helios TC — 112," adapted for use in virtualized environments. It opens up new opportunities for the deployment of the system as based on its own data center in the region, and on the basis of leased commercial or institutional capacity of the data center. New version of "NP Helios TC — 112" provides a flexible scaling on the number of users and the load supports "thin clients." While maintaining the high quality work in a virtualized environment on the basis of multi-vendor equipment.

At the end of the development experts "Reksoft" stress test was carried out on the platform, during which it was simulated 30 concurrent calls and more than 85,000 calls per day. Tests have shown that the solution has a high-availability and high performance.

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