Teen assembled fusion reactor in the garage of his father

February 6, 2013 0:44

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To look at Conrad normal teenager — he is 18 years old and wears a T-shirt with the image of "Angry Nerds". But it was the young man managed to build a fusion reactor in the garage of his father.

Conrad Fansvorta living in Wyoming, a child featured attraction to science and research. The 3-year old boy, who found in a pile of trash screwdriver managed to make out the parent bed, while his mother was taking a shower.

At 6 years old Conrad started a fire in the house of his grandfather, trying to shove the cord into an electrical outlet using a TV antenna. Matured guy tried twice to raise fish, but it was over splayed on the floor in buckets filled with sea water.

As a teenager, inventive American put in the trash pipe bomb made of hydrochloric acid and aluminum foil to see how long it takes to complete the reaction. After waiting a few minutes, Conrad lifted the container and … bomb exploded.

And at age 17 Fansvort created his own repair business iPhone.

"He's a pretty active guy: he plays the trombone, going to the pool, go to church regularly and is working on his inventions. My wife, as well as our neighbors have become accustomed to his experiments. In the past he has often failed in their research operations, but it gave him valuable experience. We do not care for it ", — assured the mother professor-taught.

However, all previous experiments teen fade before a grand structure, which he did to win the science fair: Conrad-built fusion reactor in his father's garage.

In this he was helped by members of the international amateur community, studying nuclear fusion: they answered questions from the student and sent him all the necessary parts.

The result was a two-year effort Fansvorta reactor plasma temperature of 600 million degrees Fahrenheit (330 million degrees Celsius).

"Nuclear fusion is not to be confused with nuclear fission. The process of splitting the nucleus is accompanied by a huge release of energy. Most nuclear power plants generate energy through the process. And as a result of fusion of light atomic nuclei combine into heavier, which is also accompanied by the release of energy. But fusion reactors do not produce radioactive waste, so they create in the home, such as in a garage, completely legal. My device is not effective for the production of energy, but could potentially be used to produce anti-isotopes "- told about his creation 18 years of" professor ".

Anna Romantsev

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