Terminal Astafeva in the Primorsky region on the basis of 2012 exceeded 1.5 million tons of coal

The project of modernization of intermodal terminal in the end of January will be presented at the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum in Vladivostok. 2013 will be a key to the implementation of investment projects of the APEC summit, the company said. This is reported by ET-Ross.
The actual start of the project gave the sign to the "Russian railways" agreement on the modernization of the public station "Cape Astafeva" in Nakhodka. "Terminal Astafeva" were given technical conditions for the growth of cargo turnover. In 2012, the Company concluded long-term contracts for the supply and purchase of coal from Russia's leading suppliers and customers in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as modern equipment was purchased for coal transfer: wheel loaders, gantry cranes, crushing and screening unit. Were laid more railroad tracks at the terminal, said PrimaMedia.

A distinctive feature of the project — environmental safety. For this treatment plants are designed and begun installation of a grid on the perimeter of the terminal, which will completely eliminate the dispersion of coal dust. Installation of the grid will be completed by April 2013.

"In the first phase of modernization is planned to reach indicators 3,000,000 tons per year, and by 2015," Terminal Astafeva "will be able to transship 6,000,000 tons of coal per year. As part of the project at Cape Astafeva in Nakhodka will be built concrete tanks for storage of coal, and the whole process of loading "solid fuel" on the ship will be completely closed, "- said the executive director of" Terminal Astafeva "Alexei Vladimirov.

The growth in coal consumption in the Asia-Pacific region, and takes into account the coal strategy of Russia, which assumes a constant increase in production "solid fuel". Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific countries also continue to increase the share of coal in the energy mix. In China, it approaches 70%. More than 60% of the world's coal is consumed in Asia. Russian coal, according to experts, is attractive both the quality and the price of low-cost and logistics.

In 2007, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian ports must make investment development program to compete with terminals in South-East Asia. Adopted program will return to the Far East ports the historically profile. Findings for this coal, as in overdrive "solid fuel" ports began to engage in the 30-ies of XX century.

However, the Far East remains an urgent need for independent coal ports. To date, most of terminals owned by major coal producers, and of course, they rolled over its own coal as a priority. This imposes certain restrictions on the export of Russian coal for the rest of the mining companies that are in need of modern terminals to access the markets Asia-Pacific. One of these independent ports, and can be presented at the APEC Summit in Vladivostok project of modernization of intermodal "Terminal Astafeva" in Nakhodka.

He became one of the priority projects presented by the delegation to the seaside APEC Business Summit in September in Vladivostok. According to experts, the development of the terminal associated with an increase in the region's competitiveness in the international transport market.

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