Tetrasvyaz Ammunition tested TETRA terminal with built-in GLONASS

The company "Tetrasvyaz", a system integrator and operator of federal services of professional radio, conducted test trials transportable TETRA subscriber terminal with built-in GLONASS. Tested terminal under the brand name "Gamma" was developed by Safeclass, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of electronic products.

These test runs have shown that the equipment "GAMMA" has a high technical performance meets the requirements of law enforcement agencies and first responders to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of communication, and can be used for a wide range of applications. The device provides a robust communication between different groups of users, its increased capacity, allowing the terminal is successfully operating at a great distance from the base station network TETRA, can be easily mounted on any vehicle.

The main advantage of the tested terminal GAMMA is a built-in module for the reception of the Russian GLONASS satellite system. This allows you to monitor the location and status of mobile network subscribers and to coordinate their actions from a single control center, including in emergency situations. Thanks to engage a GLONASS transportable TETRA terminals can be used to transmit telemetry data via secure channels in the implementation of government programs "112" and "ERA-GLONASS".

"" As a responsible contractor on a number of large-scale government projects, including the construction of the TETRA network for the 2014 Olympics, we are interested in a reliable and high quality user equipment, manufactured in domestic areas and with the involvement of both Russian and European technologies. The equipment offered by our strategic partner company Safeclass, meets all the requirements and can be successfully used in the construction of complex safety systems, management and monitoring, "- says the president of the company" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov."

Currently, negotiations are underway to pilot operation vozimykh terminals GAMMA. The company "Tetrasvyaz" considering the possibility of placing orders for mass production infrastructure equipment TETRA (vozimykh, portable and stationary user terminals) under the brand name GAMMA on Russian production sites of Safeclass.

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