Tetrasvyaz build base stations 3G network in partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks

 Photo source:group-atg.ru

The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" (represented by JSC "RadioTel"), the Russian system integrator and federal services of a professional radio operator, in cooperation with leading global telecom equipment vendor Nokia Siemens Networks will participate in the construction of a network of cellular communication of the third generation of "Mobile TeleSystems ".

Together with Nokia Siemens Networks for the benefit of MTS 'Tetrasvyaz "perform complex construction and installation work on the construction of 3G network base stations in the Moscow region. At present, the company has already built the forces of 30 base stations in the network, is building more than 60 BS.

The new base station will expand 3G network in the region, to provide high-quality and stable signal reception, to increase its subscriber base. Thanks to the 3G-technology, including high speed data transfer, the subscribers will have access to a spectrum of innovative services for the Russian market — video telephony, video conferencing, mobile TV and others.

"As one of the largest operators of networks of professional radio," Tetrasvyaz "gained a lot of experience in building telecommunications infrastructure in collaboration with government and business. The company has the appropriate intellectual, technological, and organizational resources for the construction of communication facilities at a high level, "- says the president of the group of companies" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.

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