Tetrasvyaz start scaling radio system Heating of St. Petersburg

 Photo source:group-atg.ru

The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, said on scaling unified technological radio of "St. Petersburg Heating" teplosbytovyh one of the largest companies in the North-West region.
The second phase of the project a unified radio system "Heating" is scaled to 177 wearable, 28 and 12 vozimykh stationary radio standard TETRA. GC "Tetrasvyaz" provides delivery, installation and commissioning required for the functioning of the telecommunications equipment and software: user terminals TETRA, including those with built-in to receive GLONASS signals; server information processing, control room for monitoring moving objects; software providing the flexibility to manage groups of users and records of negotiations.
Feature of the solution is embedded in the interests of "Heating of St. Petersburg", has been the use of domestic technology GLONASS satellite positioning to control the position and movement of specialized vehicles rescue service company. With the help of a professional radio and GLONASS satellite tracking controller can in real time monitor the location of vehicles, guide to the sites of accidents coming towards them and rescue teams to choose the shortest routes. Specialized private channels of communication TETRA provides reliable, trouble-free transmission of data to the control center "Heating".
The radio system "Heating of St. Petersburg" is integrated into a single system of operational trunked radio (ESOTR), created by GK "Tetrasvyaz" and unifying all municipal and departmental duty service in St. Petersburg. Thus, subscribers of "Heating" will be able to participate in the rapid exchange of information and co-ordinate their actions with other emergency response units.
Unified communications technology system "Heating of St. Petersburg" provides instant uninterrupted communication of all those responsible, effective coordination of rescue and management services company, interaction with the operational services of the city, reducing the response time to emergencies.
For efficient and correct operation of a radio system experts GC "Tetrasvyaz" provide training for staff "Heating" operating skills CPE standard TETRA.

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