Tetrasvyaz will provide system maintenance radio airport Pulkovo

 Photo source:group-atg.ru

The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, perform complex maintenance and support of the radio communication system of one of the largest air transport hubs Russian Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg).
According to the results of open competition GC "Tetrasvyaz" (in the person of JSC "RadioTel") declared the winner and will ensure maintenance of radio airport "Pulkovo". Customer service serves the airport management company "Pulkovo" international consortium "Northern Capital Gateway"
Complex maintenance of radio equipment includes the installation, programming, testing, configuration, and maintenance of portable, stationary and automotive radio stations set up and test performance of additional equipment design and technical documentation, technical support during official events. Also provides briefing personnel operating and maintaining the radio stations.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of radio equipment, operational maintenance of subscriber devices and network health monitoring directly at the airport "Pulkovo" will be deployed center maintenance and repair of equipment, including a repair shop, warehouse equipment and spare parts, the employee base of technical support.
"Selection for this project is based on the experience and leadership of group of companies" Tetrasvyaz "in the field of construction and ensure efficient operation of radiocommunication systems of strategic importance. Airport "Pulkovo" gets in the face of a reliable partner that ensures that all maintenance work will be carried out promptly and in a professional manner, "- says the president of the group of companies" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.
Start of the project is scheduled for November 2011. All the work on operational service radio system "Pulkovo" airport, testing, configuring, programming, and maintenance of radio equipment will perform Certified SC "Tetrasvyaz" properly trained.
The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" — a leading Russian systems integrator and operator of a professional radio, providing a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies from the design to the provision of telecommunications services, including systems integration and construction of specialized hardware-software systems. "Tetrasvyaz" has considerable practical experience of maintenance of radio communication systems and terminals such customers as the St. Petersburg Administration, a division of Ministry of Emergency Situations of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, city ambulance station, large enterprise sector of the North-West region.

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