TFR is investigating the deaths of three children adopted by Americans


The Russian side has requested a copy of U.S. law enforcement agencies on criminal death of two girls and one boy
Main Investigation Department of the RF IC is continuing to investigate the death of Russian children in the U.S. between 1998 and 2003, the press service of the Investigation Department. We are talking about the death of Anastasia Plotnikova adopted by Americans, Dmitri Ishankulova and Anne Honor.

U.S. authorities handed over the investigation materials of criminal investigations. According to the documents, Anastasia Plotnikova foster mother dropped her in the bathroom. The girl hit her head, resulting in dead.

Honorable Anna died after being shoved her stepmother. The child's head hit the wall and received a mortal head injury.

In the death of Dmitry Ishankulova blame both adoptive parents. They dropped the boy in the bath with hot water, causing him to get thermal burns. And then sent him to three days in the basement, where the baby died of hypothermia.

U.S. authorities have already issued a court verdicts in all cases. According to the Russian Constitution and international instruments to re-draw the adoptive parents can not be criminally liable as a "double condemnation" is prohibited. However, employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States have been instructed to conduct a detailed inspection of child casualties. They are requesting that the U.S. law enforcement agencies a copy of all criminal cases. Investigation into the deaths of children by the Russian side is still ongoing.

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