That's what happens when people are deprived of the right to elect the power

Students discuss the Company's election campaign. Among those calling for "Freedom", many do not believe in the vote counting:

"What kind of recognition of the legitimate President Lukashenko can tell when Konstantin Sumar and Lukashenko himself said openly that the records copied downward vote for Lukashenko? But, most of all, the first add on, but overdone. This same scenario will be repeated and 19 December, ukidvannem bulletins Lukashenko, with the signing of a pre-arranged protocol. In what other country could such a place? Yeah anywhere! Worthless and this choice, and election commissions, and thus the method of choice of the president. Lukashenko has already proved its bar — two-thirds of the votes. So will. possible for such an election and not to go. "

Our listener called on "Freedom" after, as talked to her granddaughter, a student:

"I called the granddaughter of Minsk, she lives in a dorm of the Belarusian Institute of Technology. Came to the dormitory with signature sheets and say they have evidence that you did not put his signature for Alexander Lukashenko. If you do not put your signature for Lukashenko, will be thrown out of the hostel. that police were doing during the war: skoryssya their temper — you and I will be nothing if not skoryssya — are to blame. Such times in prosperous Belarus. "

Bell says a potential presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich

"There is something that should not have happened. Authorities became uncontrollable. They are not re-elected. Therefore it every year, and now every month is becoming increasingly unattractive, arrogant and pokes his rudeness in the eyes of the people, not afraid of responsibility.'s What happens When people are deprived of the right to vote. "

Our listener age of 80 expressed his concern:

"I've been listening and I think that Russia is in such a scenario as Yeltsin and Dudayev penny to penny. Fought, broke the Terrible, he sees that he is glad he will not, then slipped Putin. And what do you think? On this day in the Caucasus b 'are Russian, and in Moscow — Caucasians. Broke people and peck each other. Same is doing Putin and Lukashenka. quarreled, then sees that Putin will not give happy one, then tossed Medvedev. took it. And here's a look that had a falling out the kindest people: Russian and Belarusian, the fraternal peoples. And it will be face to beat the Belarusians in Moscow and Minsk — Russian. Already it starts. threw a bottle at the embassy, Zhirinovsky, the Duma … And no one thinks what it will end . what do they do? These officials to push the people of Belarus with the Russian. Even if Belarus was Cuba, he planted a bomb under the bed. That's what the people of Belarus. "

This call says analyst Lavon Barshcheuski:

Lavon Barshcheuski

"I think that the expressions on the fact that the peoples of the quarrel — is an expression from the vocabulary of XIX-XX centuries. Peoples can neither quarrel nor padruzhytstsa. Among the peoples there are different people who have their own views. Regarding the antics of extremism, the it naturally provoked.

Belarusian mentality is not prone to extremism. He thinks in terms of "anyhow it was quiet." So I do not see a global threat. This is a showdown at the top. People perceive it through the prism of his: they are afraid that the fuel is more expensive, or rent, or salary, etc.

At the same time, Russian politicians need to know that today any opinion poll shows that supporters of Belarusian independence is much more than the opponents. The Russian government needs to realize that. Simply need to build relations with the independent country and not to Lukashenko, and with a democratic government. "

Chill in apartments has pushed our regular listeners to write a poem:

"The president and the mayor of Minsk,
What a degree in apartments — and then you such confidence.
Holodina, February erect,
Every now and then people will make a choice. "

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