The authorities of the Metropolitan area izderzhut 2.4 billion rubles for housing troops

The authorities of the Moscow region will spend 2.4 billion rubles for housing for servicemen

Approximately 2.4 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget to ensure that this year to provide housing for military families in Stolichnaya area. This was said governor MO Boris Gromov during stocktaking meeting of the year.
According to Gromov, last year, 209 military families received home in Stolichnaya area.

Governor also noted that the figure could be higher if the head 25 of municipalities anxiously concerned to fulfill their own capabilities.
According to the governor, seven districts of Moscow region (Kolomna, Krasnogorsk, Lukhovitskii, Mytischinskiy, Noginsky, Odintsov, Pushkin) have not mastered the allocated funds.

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