The championship will complete the basic structure

[Img =] coach "Rostov" Oleg Dolmatov after the defeat of the "Sportakademluba" in an interview with "Gazety.Ru" did not talk about the next season in the Premier League because his contract ends this year. Who played in the match goalkeeper Rostovites Maxim Levitsky, rarely speaking in the championship, lamented the loss of the game rhythm. [Cut] Stadium "New Khimki" is located near the main avenue that connects the Old and New Khimki, but we must try to see him. It is most likely not in the arena distance from the city line, and that the review of it is closed to nearby lawn, where engaged children from the local school football. Next to the arena was a group of teenagers, some of whom were in the blue-and-yellow scarves "Rostov". Maybe they were taken away from the podium? Indeed, by the time the beginning of the second half gone, already released in the Premier League, "Rostov" missed a penalty from the local "Sportakademkluba," and the people in the stands when compared with attendance in the rest of the first division teams, almost was not. Maybe the fans are tired of looking like the guests played, apparently, half-heartedly. Even when the hosts efforts Rustan scored the decisive goal, which allowed them to win on a goal rarely go in the championship Maxim Levitsky responded only a handful of active fans chanted "Sportakademkluba" at the corner of the arena. Some sad after the game seemed Rostovites head coach Oleg Dolmatov. His players after the departure of the elite of football could be rehabilitated for three rounds issuing a new permit in the Premier League. However, the contract with the expert is not extended, although it was late October, and a half or two months should start to prepare for the new championship. In the meantime, he answered the questions of "Gazety.Ru". [B] — What can you say about the strength of the opponent? [/ B] — The team tried, what can I say here … [b] — Almost all championship played in goal Roman Gerus. Is it harder Maxim Levitsky, for whom it was only the third game? [/ B] — Did I mention that today is played by those people who do not currently carried on the gravity of tournament fighting. See, it's not such a simple tournament, and it's not so clear as in the standings. And if there is such a possibility, it is necessary to rest key players. [B] — For example, aspen and Circassian came only in the second half … [/ b] — Honestly, I did not want to let them all today, but it happened. We Denisov just got injured. [B] — The task of winning the championship first division after being hit in the Premier League remains the principal? [/ B] — Yes, in principle. We still have to play two games at home (with the "Salyut-Energia" and SKA — approx. "Gazety.Ru") in order to achieve this goal. [B] — In the remaining matches will continue to give players more time to reserve? [/ B] — We saw before the game, made specifically focus on this, but the two games at home the championship we will complete the main structure. [B] — As you run out of contract this year, have you had a conversation with the leadership of the extension? [/ B] — No, it was not. [B] — As for updates on the team next year? [/ B] — Well, as I can work on updating the team when I have a contract ends? [B] — How much "Rostov" may change before the next championship? [/ B] — There's nothing I can say. The bus guests "Gazety.Ru" found who played that day Maxim Levitsky, who limped out of the locker room. Thanks to him, the footballer, despite the pain and holding his leg, has agreed to talk. [B] — hard you had to finish the game with such an injury? [/ B] — remained quite a bit — a couple of minutes before the end of the match. At first it was very painful, apparently hit a nerve in me. Then the pain subsided a little. Rival here themselves, and not to blame — the pierced ball and leg had gone on in my. Well, it was not made of steel spikes. And it would be worse. [B] — Player of the game was stronger? [/ B] — No, we just have not had such a sverhzhelaniya today. Left after two games to finish everything. And the opponent played on the result. [B] — After only two matches in the first division what sensations when entering the field? [/ B] — Hard, rhythm of the game is lost. In a number of times when the ball flew, he could go on, but I did not. Outputs — this is the hardest job in the lead, and it all goes through the rhythm of the game. Do not feel entirely comfortable. [B] — Dolmatov said that the championship played by those who were able to withstand the load in the tournament. You are such players, judging by the number of matches, do not treat? [/ B] — When I came to the team, knew that there Stas Hoth is Roma (Gerus — approx. "Gazety.Ru"). Team goalkeeper has to be one, there are those who are in the passes and who fails. I started the first two games in which we won. And more … The main thing that the defense and the goalie had teamwork. [B] — In the "Rostov" you stay? [/ B] — I do not know … I have a contract until the end of the year.

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