The collector of signatures: 5 years ago I would not be standing here already!

It became easier to collect signatures for the presidential candidates? The collectors of signatures are compared with the conditions of the current campaign that was 5 years ago. Compared doing and the police.

Yuri Fabisheuski Today is collecting signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva in the underpass near the metro "Pushkin". He says that five years ago, at this point it would be immediately expelled, if not the police and not employees of the metro, so traders underground shops. Not because he then prevented a collector of signatures for Alexander Kozulin, and was just on top of such an order and we had to carry it out, or be deprived of retail space:

"It is much easier to work with if you look at the work of the repressive apparatus. There is no longer the problems with the police, who were then. Then could detain and ascribe disorderly conduct, as if cursed. "

While it is true then the mood of people different from their behavior, says Yuri Fabisheuski. The activist recalled how once the picket was approached by officers in plain clothes and asked for half an hour to go — as long as the Belarusian TV will remove the story of a picket forAlexander Lukashenko. They say that after the shooting back, no you will not be touched. "Right now everything is going to close without problems, who want to remove this camera — no one bothers anyone," — said the activist.

But the activist of the initiative group Yuri Oleynik says that all is not well in Minsk:

"Last week was that our activist was detained at the exit of the apartment, where we base. Was taken to the police station and searched. Two policemen and plainclothes officers. As it turned out, they were looking for some leaflets that allegedly distributes action team Neklyaeva. "

Here's how to explain the situation Eugene Sachek the press service of the Minsk city police:

Noticed that, apparently, everything — is significantly higher activity of people.

"With regard to signals that the signature gathering places allegedly violated order in including — that is ill-still campaigning for the presidential candidates — police must check it, and it's definitely checked. But such cases have been recorded. "

According to Eugene dip net from the press service of Minsk police, collecting signatures during the last election campaign took place more complicated, because there were more restrictions on where you can put pickets.

And what of the Minsk ring road? On Ales Otroshchenkov of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, the farther away from Minsk, the more cases of pressure on the collector of signatures. The activist cited the example of yesterday's incident in Dzerzhinsk, where local police detained a collector of signatures Alexander Starnagutskaga and made it a protocol with the "obviously contrived reason — that is not of a flicker." Another unexplained detention was in Novopolotsk. As for the comparison with the company five years ago, that, Ales Otroshchenkov, there is one major difference:

"What is noticed, apparently, all — is much higher than the activity of people. People are literally lining up to sign up for the Democratic candidates, and absolutely empty pickets for Lukashenko. This contrast is impressive. "



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