The Court does not register Brest spring

Brest Regional Court refused to register the human rights public association "Minsk Spring". Over the past two years, "Brest Spring" tried three times to defend their registration in the Regional and Supreme Courts. Now human rights activists are going to make a complaint to the UN Committee.

The Court took the side of the Department of Justice. The essence of the claims of officials of Brest Regional Executive Committee that, according to the registration documents, some persons allegedly did not live at the addresses.

Chairman of the Board of the human rights organization Vladimir Vyalichkin, says that the court found the Department of Justice opinion correct:

"The court refused on the grounds that there was a discrepancy at the time of registration between the data and our information, had the Executive Committee. We argued that the founder lived at number 12, and the Executive Committee stated that the person lives in the house number 13. But the court found that the house number 13 does not exist, and there — a corn field. "

Vitaly Karatysh, founder of the human rights organization Luninets, said at the hearing admitted his mistakes senior officials. It was assumed that the judge will listen to the words of the creators of the organization:

The overall situation in Belarus indicates that NGOs are not registered.

"This is a political decision. The judge could not make a verdict. And secondly, this is not the first trial, in which human rights defenders are trying to defend their rights. I believe that the decision had been launched from the top. In addition, the overall situation in Belarus indicates that NGOs are not registered. "

Human rights activist Vladimir Velichko said that the creators will continue to try to defend their rights to a higher authority:

"We will appeal to the Supreme Court. At the same time, bearing in mind the previous two hearings before the Supreme Court, we believe that the agenda will not be satisfied, but we will post to the Committee on Human Rights United Nations. "

Human rights activists are trying to register "Brest Spring" from 2006.


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