The court upheld the sentences Dashkevich and tthe

Minsk City Court on June 17 rejected the appeals of the leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, who was sentenced to two years imprisonment in a penal colony and an activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau, sentenced to 4 years imprisonment to be served in a maximum security prison.

10:23 Minsk City Court upheld the decision of Dmitry Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau. An activist of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka said that the verdict will be appealed to the higher court.

10:15 Made by the lawyers briefly Semeshko and Avsyannikava. They reiterated their conclusion that the complaint should be granted, as wine and Lobova Dashkevich has not been proven, and the court did not consider their personality and circumstances. In particular, that Dashkevycha mother died and his father was disabled.

The prosecutor Ignatovitch-Mishneva contrary, spoke in favor to leave the verdict as evidence of guilt is enough.

Judicial board went adjudicate.

10:02 At the Court of mother came Lobova Marina, human rights activist Anastasia Loiko. members of the press.

Court handed down the sentence of the Moscow district of Minsk on March 24.

According to investigators, Dashkievich windscreen and December 18, 2010
Year of hooliganism "baseless and intentionally" beat two people.

Malady said that a criminal case instigated by the authorities. Defense requested to fully justify the accused because of the Young nedakazanastsi guilt. Dashkevich appealed to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to bring the witnesses for the prosecution to liability for false testimony.

Anastasia Palazhanka told Freedom that Dashkievich decided to wait for the decision of the Minsk city court in custody on Volodarskogo. Earlier, Dmitry transferred to another cell, which contains less people. But after, the guy did not agree to write an application for transfer to the colony, he was transferred back to the camera, sits where more than 40 people.

Eduard Lobau is serving a sentence in the 22th Ivatsevichy colony.


Press-service of "Young Front" reports details about those "beaten", which became known from reliable sources.

Despite the fact that at the trial, taking an oath affected Konstantin Savitsky and Oleg Malyshev, argued that they do not work anywhere, it turned out that they are freelancers Condo police department of Minsk.

They also found that toddlers who publicly denied the existence of previous convictions, has been previously convicted under Part 1 of Art. 328 of the Criminal Code (illegal possession of drugs without intent to sell).

The leader of the "Young Front" in his appeal requires a judge to thoroughly examine the materials of the criminal case and the new information and expresses the hope that the judge will take the right and just decision — release prisoners to freedom, and Savitsky and Malyshev will attract criminal liability under Art. 400 of the Criminal Code for false accusation.

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