The first information about the mysterious planet X was published in «Washington Post» back in 1983

April 12, 2012 15:07

A large celestial body the size comparable to the planet Jupiter, which is at a relatively short distance from the earth and can be part of the solar system, it was found by an American satellite orbiting telescope operating in the infrared. Located mysterious planet in the constellation of Orion.

The first information about the mysterious planet "X" was published in «Washington Post» back in 1983

The object is so unexplored and unexplained, that scientists do not even know his true identity. Perhaps this is a huge comet, or "protostar" that do not have the energy to be a star, or a young galaxy, which is not fully developed yet. It may be that the object around a myriad of cosmic dust, so no light can not go beyond this cluster.

 Gerry Neugebauer, senior research specialist in the field of satellites operating in the infrared range of the California lab that deals with the structure of rocket engines, said: until we know only that we know nothing about this celestial body.
This mysterious space object is so cold, that does not emit absolutely no light, so to see it from the Earth was almost unreal. Its origin is attributed to the fact that this may be so-called "gas planet", which is comparable in size to Jupiter, and its distance from the Earth is "only" 50 trillion miles: very little space standards. In other words, it is a bit farther than Pluto, "extreme" planet of the solar system.
James Hook, who is also a professional engaged in the research of astronomical satellites operating in the infrared range, and part is an expert at Cornell University Center RCTs (Radio Physics and Space Research), said the following: if the planet is indeed in the intended range, it is likely to include in the solar system.
The body, which does not emit heat, it was observed by the infrared satellite twice in the period from January to November, at a time when the satellite is over a special helium, you can monitor the body with ultra-low temperature. Another observation took place much later, six months after the first event. Thus the body, practically does not radiate its own light, did not change its position relative to the constellation Orion: it remained at its western edge.
James Hook is sure that it is not a comet. First, the comet could hardly have such a large mass and size. Secondly, such a celestial body would have to change its position in space. If it is a planet, then it should shift, but only if it is not removed by 50 trillion. miles or more.
However, regardless of what is in fact a body, it is a very cold substance. Temperature up to 40 degrees above the level of 456 degrees Fahrenheit (-273 ° C) — is zero. After the telescope on board the satellite, operating in the infrared, is cooled so much that can detect any object whose temperature is about 20 degrees higher than -273 ° C.
Being detected by the satellite operating in the infrared range, for the first time, scientists have suggested that the body could be closer to the ground, because the distance to the planet is only 50 trillion miles away.
Neugebauer said that such an event as possible and away from science fiction.
But if it is not a comet, then what? It may be that the "cold" space body whose dimensions are close to Jupiter, are actually part of the solar system? It is possible that this is the infamous tenth planet, which many astronomers find their telescopes have failed. However, just as well the body can be a star, which began its formation many billions of years ago, but was unable to gain sufficient temperature.
At the moment, scientists can not confirm or refute this view. However, such competent professionals, as Hawke and Neugebauer, would not want to take this conclusion seriously. In their judgment, the mysterious cosmic body could be a distant galaxy, or constellation of young, where dust is so great that the light through it just can not get through. Neugebauer said that this point of view has a right to life. According to him, it may be a young dark galaxy, which we used to watch just could not.
According to him, reflections on an appearance of a new constellation, the person will receive the key to understanding how the universe was formed, what its real size and how the future development.
To determine the exact location of the planet "X", you need to use the largest optical telescopes in existence. One of them, the 100-inch device in Chile, Cerro del Tololo, is already working in this direction. To help him in that other telescope, whose diameter is 200 pounds. It is located in California, on Palomar Mountain and the "chartered" for a successful search. If all goes well and the conclusions of the scientists are correct, then the telescope, located at Palomar, will help to establish the location of the space object.

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