The flying saucer, filmed over Turkey, could see the pilots

July 26, 2012 9:21

Turkish Council of Science and Technology has recognized the real footage [Video]
TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) — Turkish Council on Science and Technology found that staffing UFO taken in a suburb of Istanbul, there is no hint of fraud. Although the first reaction was, of course, skeptical. After the lens operator amateur got a real "flying saucer" with the crew.

On some shots, "saucer" had a greenish tint

Recall, "sensation" took 4 years ago, when the Turkish UFO organization "Sirius" staged in Istanbul Hotel "Dedeman" press conference, at which were shown shocking footage.

On the other shots glowed blue

The head of the local UFO Haktan Akdogan called it "the most valuable in the world." Turkish newspapers supported him — did not spare belts on reports of a "flying saucer", which could be guessed silhouettes pilots — aliens, apparently.

UFO filmed one Yalcin Yalman, guard cottage complex Kumburgaz resort area (a suburb of Istanbul) on the shores of the Marmara Sea. On duty with the camera a few days. At a press conference before the video — only 22 minutes, made in the period from late July to late August 2007. But as it now appears, the object flew several times — in June 2008 and May 2009.
As explained by the operator, he knew in advance that something has to happen. Felt that a UFO fly.
Shots — very mediocre quality. But they clearly visible thing in the form of lentils, cast-metal shine first one shade, then — else. Spitting image of "flying saucer." It is located at the top of what appeared to be a cap. And in the hood — two spots, which, according to Yalman, and there are aliens. More precisely, their heads.

Under the dome seen someone's head

Diameter of the "plate", the estimations Yalman was approximately 15 meters. And the heads inside look proportionate. That is, the device was not a small for his crew.
Another sensation broke recently. A famous American ufologist Roger Leir (Roger Leir) said that he was able to increase the image of the "plate", more or less kept its quality. And under the hood really were aliens. At least the images of creatures, sitting under it, surprisingly resemble a textbook. Head — big, pull up, chins, mouths and noses are small, orbit — a disproportionately large.

Ufologists enlarge. And naturally saw aliens

And when you consider that TUBITAK — advisory public body, reminiscent of the functions our Academy of Sciences, found footage Yalman real, it turns out that Turkey really visited by guests from another world.

The aliens looked like, ka and put them. Moreover, were working under the dome, turning the various parties

Skeptics, of course, doubt. They are confused by what this record indistinct. Turks led it not that a few days — a few years. For the second time, but at least a third too could prepare and mount the camera on a tripod. And she jumps into his arms.
It is not clear, and another: by this time, Yalman shot and in the wee hours in the afternoon. And everywhere the background — dark.

So to portray the aliens on Earth. Resemblance to those that flew to Turkey, obviously.

In short, the absolute certainty that aliens exist, the Turkish staff still do not give. Although it is impressive. Especially in the larger size.

Vladimir Lagowski

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