The founder of the Vitebsk Courier fined 1,225,000 rubles

Liozna district court found him guilty of illegal distribution of the newspaper "Vitebsk Courier" of one of its founders Victor Remneva.

Judge Antonina Afanasyev condemned Remneva to a fine of 35 basic units — 1,225,000 rubles. Confiscated copies of the newspaper.

Victor Remnev three times asking for the disqualification of a judge, for she is not allowed to participate in the process of Paul Levinau that the upcoming public representative of the defendant and the expert in this case. But the petition of Mr. Remneva not adopted.

Witnesses for the prosecution are the police Liozna police station and detained Victor Remneva October 8th.

In the courtroom, Mr. Remnev said that police stopped him on the road from Smolensk to Vitebsk and arrested 11000th newspaper circulation

Claims by the police was the fact that the Russian edition must have a special permit to spread in Belarus, which "Vitebsk Courier", registered in the Russian Federation has not.

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