The government proclaims the full mobilization of the school

Through the efforts of NGOs and concerned parents in the Minsk International Educational Center today, October 13, was organized by the "round table" on home education. The reason for this was that the House of Representatives are available at the autumn session to approve the final version of the new Education Code, which greatly reduces the possibility of self-study. And this, according to opponents of such a decision, the state is completely unjustified attempt to monopolize the education sector.

Reasons for not giving a child in elementary or secondary school, are different. First of all, the discrepancy of religious beliefs with the state teaching methods. Not conducive to reciprocity emergency zaidealyagizavanasts process. Finally, all the more Belarusians resent the fact that in his country it is impossible to get an education in their native language, so leave such a right itself. The current law "On education" allow self-learning or an individual plan, as agreed with the school. But, says one of the initiators of the discussion today Aleksei Shein, with the adoption of the said Code, the option may disappear:

Aleksei Shein

"In the House of Representatives is the Education Code. So far, the code we did not have all guided by the law "On education". The Code has been adopted in the first reading last fall and must be approved in final form in the second and third readings. But, if we look at the positions that relate to home schooling, see: the possibility of such training very seriously narrowed. To our knowledge, this is the conscious position of developers, that is, the changes were not there because of the mistakes, but through a conscious decision. The organizers of today's celebration and invited officials phoned to Mr. Zdanovich, who is the head of the Commission on Education and Scientific and Technological Progress of the House of Representatives, and he said openly that such changes to the code designed. And to the question "why?" Said all, they say, should be in school. "

If you follow the rules of the Code, a formal basis for the exemption may only be a medical condition is incompatible with the educational process, and unique data a child who is in school had nothing to do. And, if in the first case, the situation is somewhat understandable, then who will determine the level of genius? District education departments? Protestant Pastor Antony Bokun convinced that the main reason for the formation of coagulation self — control over children literally from the cradle:

Antony Bokun

"The desire of the state to limit the rights of parents in this matter, I think, is connected with the Soviet communist past, which taught: that society is responsible for the children. As the ideal of communism. Unfortunately, I myself this time found when we kanspektavali Communist Manifesto, where it was written: the family as such, will not, and will bring up the children society. Like, all the children will be shared and will be brought together. Our government is trying in this way to realize this idea when he calls himself the society and states that all children must attend public school and only on government programs. And any deviation from the general line is blatant displeasure. I believe that this attitude is fundamentally wrong and fundamentally, because primarily responsible for training parents. A desire to severely restrict these rights is a major concern. It takes away from their parents their God-given rights. Does not mean that they have to use them, but they need to be. "

In a resolution on the results of the "round table", addressed to the Ministry of Education, members of parliament and the presidential administration, states: the independent form of learning is becoming more popular in most developed countries. It allows children to learn and develop harmoniously on the basis of personal characteristics, talents and abilities. Parents of children at home may form on an individual curriculum. And in Belarus, said the director of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos, this form is almost the only way for parents and children who want to learn it in Belarusian:

Vladimir Kolos

"It is clear that not only for religious reasons do not like many of today's school. We know that getting a good education on whiteRussian language Belarus is now impossible. We know that the humanities disciplines set out by tradition established back in the days of Stalin. And we know what all this is done. Which, of course, is a violation of many regulations, both international and moral and just men. I therefore support the resolution and would advise to strengthen its reference to international legal standards, and also to express our attitude to the environment in which he took the Education Code. Toward that secrecy, isolation of the interested parties, from parents and community organizations. Indeed, in the report, all regulated and prescribed not in favor of those who want to be educated yourself. "

Eugene Malinowski, father of seven children, associate professor of Baranovichi State University, building on its rich educational experience, convinced that parents and children have a right to a full education at home. And the state will impose in this matter simply should not:

Eugene Malinowski

"My personal experience in this matter is really very rich, because the first 3.5 years of my son just went on the individual program, in spite of all the comments. It was only when at last began to threaten the commission of a juvenile, we gave it a grade 3. But all my children, including two sons who studied and Kolasauski study in high school, and there were some problems with the exams as per basic and secondary school. What to do in this situation? On the one hand, if there is a law on the other hand, if the brave officers is less and less, it remains primarily rely on the human factor, on the understanding and responsibility of those who make such decisions. That is, you just have to realize and measure of responsibility and a measure of communication in the world, these realities. "

None of the invited representatives of government departments with their attention "round table" is not pleased. The Ministry of Education said that there is no reason for public comment the code. Members of the public, in turn, state: once again it turns out that the document that specifically addresses the majority of the population of Belarus is being discussed behind closed doors.



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