The idols are full of energy

In the Zairian town Thusi opened museum of local crafts. Here are exposed copper trays, decorated with national ornaments, mats of grass and tree bark, hand-woven rugs, and carved wooden sculptures.

Artist V. Amraka The museum received permission to work in the exhibition hall at night. When the museum was closed, the guard began to bypass the area and … artist found lying unconscious in front of a wooden idol, from which he sketched.

As established physicians, god figure was carved from ebony. If dry, its wood emits toxic substances. Them's the poisoned artist.

However, numerous cases where not only the material, of which the ancient sculptures, zero emissions, but they themselves idols have a strange energy, the most adverse effect on the psyche of man.

Thus, working in one of the halls of Khakassia museum, experts have found that there are ancient stone sculptures emit harmful to human health, energy flows.

A detailed study of the entire museum space on the devices showed energy band width of 2 to 4 meters, which passes through the hall with ancient statues and goes to either side of him.

Scientists believe that the anomaly is probably due to the fault of either the deep layers of the earth's crust in this place, or to the presence of the mighty underground river. Perhaps fueled by the energy of the idols of the Earth's interior, and then give it to the surroundings. There is also a hypothesis that the idols are charging energy from space.

An interesting phenomenon is observed in the past few years, members of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, where Michelangelo's David statue on display, the Venus de Medici and collected the best picture of Botticelli.

For some strange reason, many tourists fall unconscious right at the feet of the statue of David. According to the Florentine hospital Santa Maria Nuova, in the last four years, more than 100 people came to him with complaints of dizziness, loss of ability to focus, lethargy and nausea immediately after visiting the halls of the Uffizi. Fainting often overtook them just under a statue of a nude David.

"Some attribute this to the psychological factor, and Professor Madzherini which studied the impact of the most famous works of art on the emotional state of visitors gallery, says: I'm sure that a certain type of visitors formed a sort of close mental connection with the statue — the so-called syndrome of David."

Meanwhile, one of the hospital doctors told the 40-year-old Briton, who collapsed unconscious in one of the rooms of the Uffizi, "He was in a terrible condition. The last thing he remembered — the person of David, and then — emptiness. "

According to scientists, some of the masterpieces of old masters cause viewers heart palpitations, dizziness and hallucinations. They think that they are teleported to a time when the work was created, and even get there in the past, members of certain events. As a result, confusion, fainting, severe mental disorder.

Before another statue — ancient wooden deity, standing in the lobby of a hotel in Ulan-Ude — no one has ever passed out did not fall. Conversely, some time ago, a pagan idol he fell from the pedestal. In this event, there would be nothing special if it were not for a series of related and rather mysterious accidents.

First, in the fall of wooden deity was split in two. Second, falling idol caught the mirror and broke it. And third, the most amazing, rushing to the fallen god hotel workers found that flowed from his eye sockets liquid. Idol wept!

Someone immediately assumed it was a bad omen — worse than a broken mirror. And, in order not to neglect a situation, the hotel management has caused superstitious, just in case, a minister of religion.

Arrived at the place of supernatural incidents Lama, a huge crowd of curious, conducted appropriate ceremonies and blessed the statue, after which it was glued together and solemnly put into place.

Local scientists, as always in such cases, said that there was nothing unusual in the "weeping idol" is not. As if he was a long time in the vicinity of the hotel fountain, bringing in wood moisture condensation occurs. A large impact on the floor with water statues made of wood — that ancient deity and cried!

True, few scientists believe …

Gennady Nikolayev

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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