The Japanese have shown non-contact control levitated object



Researchers from the University of Kanagawa (Japan) have found a promising area of practical application of diamagnetic levitation, now used mainly for entertainment purposes.



A group of scientists for the first time managed to control levitiruemym object without touching it and without changing the parameters of the magnetic field — see the video.

The experimental setup graphite disk with a diameter of 3 mm hovers over an array of permanent magnets of neodymium-iron-boron. Their poles are oriented in a staggered manner.

When laser irradiation disk edge therein occurs a temperature difference (about 20 degrees per second). As a result almost immediately disc moves in the direction of the beam.

The height of the gap between the disk and the magnetic substrate can be adjusted both by the magnetic field strength, and by selecting a material with a desired magnetic permeability. The combined properties is considered to be the most appropriate pyrolytic graphite and highly oriented form.

If you put the graphite disk on a stack of neodymium magnets, the exposure of its edges will rotate around its axis. For clarity disc is segmented like a pill.

Based on the observed effect is expected to create new energy conversion systems (focused) light into mechanical and electrical energy.

When using a laser instead of sunlight researchers expect to reach speeds of more than 200 rev / min. The disc is practically not exposed frictional energy losses must be very small.

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