The Knight Sky

The Knight SkyHe saw with his own airfield German airplane, rose, overtook and cut off his path to the position. Released clip. Ammo is no more … Then I began to lash out at him, then from the top, front, causing the drop. He was lost and tried to burn down the plane, but he did not succeed.

Yevgraf Kruten diary.
August 2, 1916.

Breakthrough time

July 22, 1915 the commander of the 2nd Squadron Yevgraf Kruten flew on a mission: reconnaissance and bombing enemy positions. "Copied" German division, secretly suitable to our parts of Warsaw. Was seen by the enemy, and laid an avalanche of fire. The car has received eight holes. The Germans believed that the scout destroyed. But they expect a nasty surprise. Kruten continued the flight, conducted a bombing and returned safely to her. Well, then, as stated in the order, valuable information in time to report to the headquarters of the army, served as the basis for operational decisions that resulted in success of these actions. " Simply put, set the heat to uninvited guests. Yevgraf Nikolaevich received the George Cross for "numerous, associated with life-threatening intelligence behind enemy lines."

At the time puzzles aircraft were bombing and reconnaissance. But Kruten assured command of that on the air it's time to break through the front: "We need to immediately collect all that may come under the term" fighter "or" hunter "make a strong air group for the undisputed and decisive oppressive enemy aircraft."

Before the last round

The Knight SkyThe fate of 23-year-old lieutenant of artillery Yevgraf Kruten made a sharp turn in the summer of 1913. During the first joint maneuvers with the aircraft, which took place in Kiev, he "rolled" a passenger airplane. After that flight insisted on a transfer to aviation. He served in the force of Peter Nesterov, who became his mentor and friend. Of Gatchina flying school went to the front — started the first global war. Nesterov foretold that "the future of aviation will come down to the struggle between the planes." Kruten all he could to bring the future … In 1916 aircraft equipped with machine guns. Yevgraf Nikolaevich began forming squad of fighters. He was fearless virtuoso had aerobatics. After the flights recorded all the details of the battle: how buzzed as led persecution, what maneuvers used opponent. Calculated the "formula" fighter: height, speed, Evasion. His work on the strategy of aerial combat taught to win our pilots and in time Majestic Russian war: "Catching the enemy fighter pilot does not have to release it from the" capture "before the time, until the last cartridge is expended, and later set the zeal to ram …"

The Knight Sky

The Knight SkyIn the spring of 1917 Kruten took command of combat aviation group South-Western Front. At a meeting with flight crews said: "A strong fighter wing — a long-standing dream of all those who had to face in the sky with the insolent enemy … We need to seek out and destroy enemy aircraft. For good reason, gentlemen pilots! "Fuselage commander" Nieuport "decorated with images of epic hero Ilya Muromets. Litsezrev this plane, opponents often went to battle even in the numerical BENEFITS. My favorite maneuver of the low was: "to slip over the tail plane of the enemy, he abruptly flew up, almost vertically under his" belly ". At this point, as in hunting shooting "offhand", giving a machine gun a small place, and the enemy will inevitably turned out to be shot down. " Combat Air Group began operations successfully. Area of its actions on German staff maps designated as the "risk zone".

June 19, 1917 plane Yevgraf N. crashed while landing. He was buried next to PN Nesterov. The monument inscription: "Legendary Knight Sky."

The Rev. Elias of Murom, Russian hero, the hero of the national epic, graduated from earthly way a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Was canonized in the XVI century and is considered the patron saint of the Russian army.

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