The man hit the jackpot by mistake


The cashier sold the resident of the U.S. state of New Hampshire lottery ticket that he had not asked

Christmas for residents of the U.S. state of New Hampshire was truly magical. The fact that Scott Bennett won $ 2.1 million due to an error Seller lotteries.

Father of three children, 48-year-old manager wanted to buy one ticket lottery Lucky for Life and Megabucks. However, the cashier did not understand the buyer and instead of two different tickets sold two identical Megabucks, writes Daily Mail.

Seller error Bennett noticed only at home. Because of frustration over the same ticket man did not even watch the show, where the winning numbers are announced. On winning, he learned after his son called and told me that the winning ticket was sold at one of the local shops.

Then Bennett decided just in case to verify the numbers. "I saw Scott sitting at a computer with a ticket in hand and checks online lottery lucky numbers," — said his wife, Kathy. "We just could not believe it. Once validated against 15 digits, but still thought it was a mistake" — she added.

The family decided to take a one-time payment of $ 1.3 million, reports the New York Daily News. They are going to spend the winnings to pay off the loans for tuition for two children to pay tuition to the third child, redo your kitchen and maybe buy a few extra Christmas gifts.

Despite the win, Scott and Kathy said they do not intend to retire. "We're going to continue to work hard. Both of us love our work," — said Bennett's wife.

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