The military operation in Libya has led to a split in NATO

The military operation in Libya has led to a split in NATO

All statements regarding the integrity of the NATO alliance, as stated many times governments of its member, eliminated the war in Libya. It seems to be not claimed from Brussels about the unity inside the unit, the recent actions justify recycling. The first state that has decided contrary to the majority, was Germany, which refused to support the adoption of UN Security Council resolution on Libya and has not given its aircraft to attack government troops, the disgraced priklnnym Muammar Gaddafi. A few days back about his own withdrawal from the coalition of the Western States and Norway said it was further proof that the countries of the NATO alliance, prefer to make their own decisions, and if all this does not take into account the outlook of others. Recently, their aircraft can be derived from the operation and Italy, the government of which points to the unreasonableness of the subsequent bombing that resulted in high costs.

Participating until April bombing of government facilities in the area of Libya on the South American warplanes in the amount of 90 units were in fact half of all involved against Muammar Gaddafi's forces. Other 109 were given the rest of NATO allies. Greater contribution to the bombing had brought France — 33 aircraft on Britain — 17, -16 Italy, Canada — 11. The Netherlands and Turkey have provided to 7 air vehicles, Norway, Spain and Belgium — 6, Denmark — 4 and Greece — 2.

Taking into account the fact that the aircraft that can do martial tasks, and so is not very much, the behavior of Norwegian and is expected to Italian allies in NATO forces management to think about how and, most importantly, what appeared to fill the vacuum. According to Colonel Petter Lindqvist, the official dealer of the Norwegian army, just in time own active role in anger against government forces in Libya, Norway has made 589 combat sorties. Based on this number, we can calculate that since the start of operations 6 Norwegian F-16 is 10% of all combat missions against coalition Gaddafi. Oslo earlier explained the proper care from the battlefield very dearly role in the operation. In addition, as stated by the Defense Minister of Norway, "with a small fleet of Air Force, and we can not afford for themselves so long role in the operation of the huge number of fighters."

But if the flight Norway is fully justified given the government the facts of the situation and complete configuration for this reason that does not happen, then a much more negative impact on the final transaction will be caused by leaving the coalition Italy that gave NATO the order to 16 aircraft, which is the third largest aviation group . Now the Italian role in the operation carried out by the coalition, less than the nominal. This, again, is associated with the announcement on July 7 this year, the Italian government to cut funding for military operations in Libya by two-thirds.

A prerequisite for funding cuts, which ultimately left the Italian Air Force is actually behind the coalition, called the Italian media timidity Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who, as before, winning the love life to come more often, than in actual combat. "Today, the threat is not only the fact my life but also the lives of my children. Me, received information from reliable sources, which is informed about the order to destroy me, which personally gave Muammar Gaddafi"- Complained to journalists Italian prime minister.

At the same time, despite the loss of 2-major players in the conduct of military operations, the other members of the coalition say the willingness to continue to strike at Gaddafi nepokorlivomu. According to Liam Fox, the defense minister of England, London is not going to be any restriction in the time frame in question overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi. His support and the French officer. Namely, Gerard Longuet assured that France, by all means, continue military pressure against the regime of Libyan dictator "until victory." The French defense minister is afraid that if Gaddafi there confidence that the time is now working on it, it is sure to be a winning play that card.

That's just who to ask for one, but the big question — how to tame Gaddafi which shows no desire to add a tool available weakened forces. His weakness management RAF recognized in May, indicating that their wards can not be held so long combat load in Afghanistan and Libya. The real power of French seem not much more. If the problem for the British was the need to wage war on several fronts at once, the French main problem — money. Quite to mention that the price of one missile "Scalp" is 850 thousand euros per unit. Earlier, sources specifically in the NATO reported that the strategic supplies of expensive precision instrument actually on the final.

As a way out of this situation the same Longuet refers to the need for greater verbovaniya to Allied operations in Germany, Spain and Poland, and the Nordic countries. But there were probably insurmountable obstacles. Germany initially refused to take part in the hostilities, Poland its role limited to a supporting insurgents and Spain, despite the secondment of its own aircraft at the disposal of the control of the coalition, limited its role reconnaissance flights.

As you know, operation Application bombing attacks NATO extended until September 30 of this year. And as trivial progress is visible, and the rebels in the camp is brewing obvious split, all the more often, while in a low voice, in Paris and in London they say about the need to prepare for a ground operation.

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