The more critical of Superjet, the greater the responsibility of the manufacturer — Baghdasarov

Armenian airline Armavia, launch customer of the new Russian airliner Superjet, expects to receive the first car in February and March of this year. Despite the difficult burden pioneer of concerns about the quality of the new aircraft the airline is not. President of Armavia Baghdasarov promises himself to fly on the first flight of the aircraft, and recalls that the project manager to create Superjet is his compatriot Mikhail Pogosyan. On what hope Armavia holds the new liner, told RBC daily SERGEY the old man told Baghdasarov.

— Mikhail Ivanovich when Armavia will receive aircraft Superjet? You have already identified the route network? I understand correctly, that while the aircraft may be operated only in the countries
certification which recognizes the MAC?
— The first Superjet we plan to put into operation in February and March 2011. Its first flight will take place during this time frame. The exact date for obvious reasons I can not yet tell. Plans have been somewhat different, but there was a delay in receiving a certificate for the first production aircraft of this type. At present the training of pilots and technical staff. The pilots continue their studies in the Italian company Alenia Aeronautica (Italian Aircraft Corporation. — RBC daily), working in conjunction with the Corporation "dry." In the future Superjet will operate not only in the Moscow area, but in all 22 Russian routes in our network. In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, we fly to Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, etc. But the first aircraft will be flying between Yerevan, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

— Are not you afraid that something might happen, because the plane is not carrying passengers?
— Nothing will happen if you prepare everything and think … We understand that the first customers is always difficult, but we have an opportunity to request from the manufacturer that can not afford to subsequent buyers. In Russian society under the influence of the media, unfortunately, has developed some of the negative attitude towards their aircraft manufacturers, primarily civilian aircraft, and if it does not change, then this industry will soon become useless. As for the conditions of the contract, due to the delay in its execution, they are changing for the better for Armavia. I would like in this connection to say that in recent years the approach to business in the SCAC ("Sukhoi Civil Aircraft." — RBC daily) seriously changed. Earlier, it was the company clearly does not inspire confidence. For this reason, we have long rejected the aircraft Superjet. Now GSS is not much different from European designers and manufacturers, and as buyers of aircraft, we have felt it and have come to trust them. We have faith in the fact that the project will revive the Russian aircraft. As for the criticism of the project in the media seems to us better to be criticized. Only in this case, the manufacturer is responsible to suit your product.

— By the way, ready to pilots, because until now the simulator on this plane there? As far as airports Sheremetyevo and Zvartnots are ready to service this type of aircraft?
— SSJ in avionics is not new. It is an extension of the family of aircraft Airbus, which we are actively exploiting. So with just a few hours of training — and the pilots will be able to manage it well liner. I also hope that we develop in Yerevan technical base will be used not only by us, but by other carriers that will operate the Superjet.

— And if the passengers do not want to fly the new plane? Or vice versa: there is an increased interest in the first flight?
— Passengers do not yet know what the five daily flight from Moscow to make Superjet. Now in the schedule are only A319. A month before the flight, we can not make a reservation in the name of the aircraft systems, this information will be a few days before departure. If a passenger does not want to fly on it, which I doubt, we easily help him change the flight and aircraft type. I am afraid that on the flight, where there will be SSJ, will decline in passenger traffic. I think the process will be reversed. Armenia is located in a certain geographic isolation, and to us in any way, except aircraft, you will not reach. Many people are accustomed to use the services of airlines. They believe in the reliability of our aircraft, pilots and professionalism Armavia. I myself am also going to fly the first flight.

— And you were already flying at SSJ?
— Not yet, no aircraft was certified, and we can not break the rules. SSJ plane took two months of tests in Armenia, and in hot weather and at high altitudes. We were even pleasantly surprised that the aircraft proved to be so good.

— Technical data plane are somewhat different from what was declared earlier. How do you deal with the manufacturer of this problem?
— Almost all the characteristics of Superjet correspond to previously announced, other than 2 tons of aggravation. I do not think that this is a problem for the plane. Despite this, he is able to compete with any aircraft in its class! But there is hope that after a while we will be able to change the plane to the one that will fit all the parameters. Let this be a year or two. While we do not think about it.

— And what to do with this plane SCAC?
— The aircraft can be put in a museum … Do not forget that this is the number one plane.

— How much you rate the delay in the supply of the liner?
— Negotiations are under way. Nothing new to say I can not.

— What is the strategy for the development of the aircraft fleet Armavia?
— We now have a contract for five aircraft SSJ. As you can imagine, just about the timing of their delivery to speak prematurely. We will operate two regional CRJ 200. Now finally buy out one of us are in operation A320, and also plan to buy a Boeing 777 and fly it in Bangkok and Los Angeles. As you can see, are negotiating the release of the U.S. market. Now fast growing markets such as China and India. Total 2014 plan to operate for 30 aircraft.

— An-148 watch?
— The aircraft also leaves a good impression, but there are moments that raise questions. In contrast to the SSJ his factory produces not producing military products. Parts of An-148 are not made known global companies for Superjet, it is fitted parts and components that do not meet international standards while. Russian industry need time to An-148 was recognized around the world by plane.

— What is the average occupancy on flights, the share of transit passengers?
— Now we are actively developing transit and the proportion of transit passengers increased annually. Further progress and hope we associate with the transition to the reservation system Amadeus. In addition, we need to connect Dubai, Bahrain, Israel, Cyprus and Ukraine and Russia. Thanks for transit passengers from Russia, Georgia and Iran will fill the American flight, flying to Rome and New Delhi.

— How are the relations with the former shareholder — "Siberia", they have consulted on projects?
— With Filev see each other at meetings and joint projects and companies do not have anything in common. Even codeshare missing.

— Are you planning to join the airline alliance?
— We plan, we have a proposal that we are considering.

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