The most spicy soup in the world burned the Chinese stomach through



The most spicy soup on the menu from a Chinese restaurant was causing serious injury to 26-year-old young man. Jam-packed with different spices dish burned unhappy stomach.

The accident occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The unnamed young man was in one of the local restaurants and decided to choose the most spicy soup of all available menus. This so-called mala soup, which is part of the traditional Chinese diet. The man asked him to bring the maximum amount of spices.

In mala soup is usually a local spice called Sichuan pepper, and a lot of chili. This combination causes a characteristic sensation of numbness in the stomach, which appeals to many palates. Typically, the chef serves a dual plate, in which one side is the soup itself, and on the other a cocktail of hot spices to visiting the restaurant chose the degree of severity of food.

Apparently, the unfortunate young man decided to enjoy the exigencies of the maximum. But within a few minutes after eating hot soup Chinese felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, and soon it began to vomit blood. Ambulance immediately brought the victim to the hospital. Although he has a medical history has been ulcers of the stomach or other similar digestive problems, doctors immediately decided that the cause of disorder is a soup that burned a hole in the wall of the stomach.

It was found that 15% of all incidents among hospital patients, associated with pain in the stomach, caused by eating too much spicy food. Especially since many Chinese restaurants today in order to save natural substitute more expensive ingredients with cheaper and synthetic additives, repeating the taste of spices. The surgeons had to carry out the most complicated operation to sew the stomach through a hardened fan of spicy food.

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