The mystery of a great lama

March 30, 2012 18:18

Back in the early XX century, Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov famous as someone with amazing abilities — he could heal people, was able to predict the future and can easily read people's thoughts. Itigelov monk in 1911 received the title of Hambo Lama, ie the spiritual leader of Russian Buddhists in Buryatia.

In 1927, he retired from daily life, leaving before this very specific bequest — after thirty years, ie in 1955 had to "check" his "integrity", and after 75 years had "finally" draw from the grave. His will, executed in 2002. Buryat followers of Buddha September 10 removed from the tomb of the cedar box in which the monk was buried.

Present, opening the sarcophagus, were shocked — just like 75 years ago, the Honourable monk sat quietly in the lotus position. There was no hint of the odor. All the details of the person survived — the nose, the ears, the eyes and the skin was completely soft, like a sleeping living person. Contrary to the irreversibility of physical decay and the time the body perfectly preserved. Itigelov still sitting in the lotus position — in the same position in which he passed away. Scientists say that this is the first in human history the phenomenon of incorruptibility.

The day after the opening of the sarcophagus of the Russian center for forensic investigation of this phenomenon came delegation of scientists. Scientists began to frantically pursue a variety of tests to find out why the monk's body is so well preserved. They spent spectrometry body, carefully studied the structure of the hair, nails and skin. The results of all shocked — it turned out that the Hambo Lama is alive, he is not only moving and breathing, but still sweating.

But sweats Lama Itigelov conducted only during worship. Only the greatest Buddhist holidays — five times a year, the Lama "involved" in these worship services. For such services from around the world come to the pilgrims. Believers go to Buryatia to pay obeisance Grand Lama, who was resurrected. Itigelov, in their stories, like "fully alive" — his lips begin to move, as if he was praying. Sometimes he even has his eyes are opened. Periodically changing the expression of the monk and the complexion, slightly opened and closed his mouth. This creates the feeling that a person moves, responds in some way to the events that occur around them.

Scientists believe that the monk is in a state of suspended animation — something like a deep sleep. He remained in this state as much as 75 years. But we know that this can only microbes. They have to save their existence for a long time, "sleep", thereby slowing down the processes of life in his body. In this way they can survive the most extreme cold, heat and even radiation. But man does not know how to do that, simply because his body is a collection of hundreds of thousands of cells, and not at the same time slow down their work. In this case, as it was able to make Lama Itigelov? How he was able at will fall into suspended animation? After all Buddhists throughout these 75 years, carefully preserved documents, according to which the lama died just the day before that "appointed" to himself — June 15, 1927. Gathering on the day of his students, Lama told them that today passes away and asked that students read a memorial prayer. Read it in the presence of a living teacher students do not dare, then Lama himself began to pray that the disciples picked up gradually. And Lama, with the last words of the prayer, in fact, fell into a profound trance.

The man was able to influence his thought to the material object, that is, himself. This is proven by the fact that it all happened on a plan that he himself had outlined in advance. It is absolutely established scientific fact. Scientists believe that Lama Itigelov like canned himself — he always wakes up one day, and it will happen on the very day on which he programmed himself. Hundreds of scientists from around the world are trying to figure out how he did it. Not long ago, the first results of their research — scientists have found that in the future is anyone can program yourself as a great lama. According to scientists, it is necessary to learn to control this part of the brain that is responsible for the whole body. This — the hypothalamus, that is responsible for the functioning of the heart, heart rate, work of breathing and body dictates what to do at the moment. If researchers can figure out how to actually work the hypothalamus, people will be able to live in a different era. People can pre-order your body when to sleep and when to wake up. Anyone can program a specific hour, day, or even a year of "awakening." For example, a person falling into suspended animation in the XXI century, would wake up in XXVI century, and see the world of the future. He will be able to see their children in any generation.

Hundreds of years ago, scientists have tried to "preserve" the man. English surgeon J. Hunter at the end of XVIII century for these purposes freeze — the tank with ice cubes he put a rat, which took a few days and thawed. However, the experiment failed — a rat and did not come to life. Modern scientists 200 years after it seriously interested in the experience of English surgeon. There was even created a special science — criology — and freezing have become people, not rats.

Russian scientists believe that the phenomenon of Hambo Lama will be the basis for the emergence of a new branch of science. In order to study the unique phenomenon in Buryatia went representatives of various centers. Many of them are convinced that the "coming" Lama in our world is connected in some way with a certain message to the contemporaries. Scientists are trying to sort out what I wanted to tell a great lama. Professor Alexander Khachaturov believes that the study of this phenomenon need a new science, since it is impossible to understand with the approaches that people have used to date.

The new science-based phenomenon Hambo Lama will explore "the secret of longevity." Not one year, Russian scientists have tried to unravel the "mystery" of the incorruptible body Lama. In June 2011, an international conference on the phenomenon Itigelov, which presented alternate hypothesis scientists. No one doubts that this is a real person. Russian Buddhists around the world are ready to provide evidence that the body is actually incorruptible. But is not the point, Buddhists is important to know what I wanted to say a great teacher to his descendants. Jampa Sandepa expert in one of these conferences said that Lama is still a long meditation. He gave some examples of the history of Buddhism, when the same state reached yoga. D. Sandepa at the last conference that Itigelov Lama will soon wake up.

Itigelova phenomenon contradicts scientific doctrines, but scientists around the world have not lost hope to unravel this great mystery. Achieving the incorruptible body of even the most advanced Buddhist practitioners is a very rare case. Only the greatest of teachers can enter into such a state, leaving life, and cleanse your body so that it is preserved after death. This is because the extinction of the vital functions of the body is under conscious control. The oldest Buryat lama believes Hambo Lama was a practitioner of the greatest level of understanding reached directly Void. The whole life of a great lama was preparing to leave. He ate specially selected products, practiced meditation, held moral and ethical being, trained body, died in the performance of rituals. It is possible that he, therefore, deliberately "preserve" their bodies.

Hambo Lama phenomenon is investigated for more than nine years. During this time, put forward several hypotheses, but so far none of them did not answer the main question — how and what a great lama brought himself into such a state?

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