The national park Taganay two forest fire extinguished

On Saturday evening, May 19, 2012, the National Park put out two forest fires. This ECOportal told in the press service of the National Park "Taganay."

The first fire was detected in 92.93 Chernorechenskaya forest blocks in the area of parking "Semibratka." Ground fire was contained and then extinguished completely on the area 0.4 hectares. by the staff of the park.

During a fire was reported in 90 other fire quarter Taganayskogo district forest, near the garden community "Teacher" at the Pushkin village. Second fire was difficult and dangerous: there was a risk of fire wooden pillars support the power lines, as well as the transition to the garden fire buildings. According to the mobilization plan for battling had firefighters. The fire was localized and dotushen an area of 1.5ha.

Growing forest loss has been avoided, the amount of damages specified.

On the assumptions of the causes of the fires is careless handling of fire of the local population.

In early May 2012 due to the tense situation with forest fires in the Chelyabinsk region was declared a special fire mode. Thanks to the cool and damp weather, and as a result reduce the number of visitors to the park during the May 1 holiday, May 9, forest fires in the Taganay not. As shown by the weekend, despite the availability of fresh herbs, the threat of fires remains relevant.

Entrance to the national park remains open to visitors. Remind you to check tour groups and mandatory compliance with the rules of fire safety in forests.

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