The naval power of China

Chinese naval forces are composed of three operational fleets: Southern, Eastern and Northern. They contain more than 700 units of surface / subsurface ships:
— 60 units of diesel-electric submarines (NNS);
— 8 units of nuclear-powered ships (card);
— 5 units of nuclear missile submarines (SSBN);
— 28 units of destroyers, missile-(UB);
— 52 units of various types of frigates;
— 22 units of sea trawlers;
— 84 units of amphibious ships;
— 83 units of missile launches;
— 77 units patrol boats;
— 1 unit of CAAC (landing ship helicopter);
— 2 Marine Brigade (10 thousand people);
— 55 units of bombers;
— 132 units of assault and fighter aircraft;
— 65 units of transport;
— 15 units of reconnaissance aircraft;
— 3 units refueling aircraft;
— 95 units of helicopters.

The current strategy of the Chinese Navy — active defense strategy to reflect the anger from the sea, with the possibility of pre-emptive strike against the enemy. The concept of the introduction of the Navy in a military conflict — an active effect on the enemy at a very acceptable range, strength training for combat use the full width of the sea and ocean theaters, putting the local nuclear strike for self-defense, with the role of SSBNs in the strategic nuclear forces of the PRC.

Stages of development of the Chinese Navy:
— The first step — the creation of operational groups, it monitors the area of the "first island chain." They are designed to provide the so-referred to as "sea majestically Chinese wall." On this day, this step is one hundred percent complete;

The naval power of China

— Second step — to ensure the presence and action in the operational zone of the "second island chain" (Bimbo Guinea, the islands of Nampo, the Kuril Islands, etc.). Step is currently in progress (2020).

— Third step (2020-2050 year) — the creation of a massive ocean-going fleet, with the ability to perform tasks in at least some of the oceans. This includes the creation of modern subs and aircraft carriers.

Noticeable increase in the Chinese navy in the past 5 years, in numerical terms, at first associated with the commissioning of ships, boats and submarines from the reserve. The creation and launch of new ships and submarines in the background this is only the second queue. But we should not forget that every year shipbuilding capacity in China grow and come to their own rational properties. Over the past decade, China has managed to significantly increment the volume of construction of warships and submarines. In regular intervals, according to the steps of development, the value of construction of small and medium-sized ships shifted to the construction of large ships such as frigates, an aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine.

Submarine force
— SSBN. In the combat strength of the Chinese Navy SSBN project consists of 1 092 «Chang Zheng-6" with BR JL-1A and 2 of the project SSBN 094 «Daqinqyu». 3 submarines are under construction and 094 projects will lay another submarine of the project. There are reports that three submarines are already under construction project SSBN 096 BR with 24 on board. Estimated tonnage of new SSBN about 16,000 tons;
— BOARDS. In the combat strength of the Chinese Navy includes three nuclear submarines and two Project 091 Project 093 PLAT. We construct another nuclear submarine project 093 (095), on traits similar to Russian "671RTM." Until 2020, will be built around another 5 BOARDS upgraded project 093 — Project 095;
— NNS. In the combat strength of the Chinese navy of about 50 submarines. At present the building is flowing only 041 diesel-electric submarines of the project — one built submarine and three planned. Project 041 diesel-electric submarines Russian analog of "636."

Nuclear missile submarines to the Chinese Navy are fairly new acquisition. First SSBN, tail number 409 094 project got commissioned into the Navy in 2004, and the sixth SSBN series was launched in the spring of 2010.

The naval power of China

Outside the Chinese SSBN resemble Russian "Dolphins" 667BDRM. The main armament -12 BR type «JL-2." Range of actions up to 12 000 km. Rockets are a separate development on the basis of SRNB «DF-31." Because of the failed test launches of missiles and the upcoming refinement, the final commissioning of the project SSBN 094 (approximately in the ranks only two subs) tolerated indefinitely.

— length — 133 meters;
— width — 13 meters;
— displacement overwater / underwater — 9000/11500 tons;
— maximum speed of 26 knots;
— Working depth / maximum — 300/400 meters;
— autonomy of up to 70 days;
— Team — 120 people;
— Power — Nuclear (2po 90mW);
— armament: 6 TA-caliber 533mm, 12 BR type "Tszyuylan-2";

The expected commissioning of the aircraft carrier "Shi Lang" — 1.10.2012 year. Chinese military opted for the Union and the Russian aircraft carrier ship tried to embody, the blessing is touched (formerly belonged to the Soviet Union aircraft carrier under the name Varyag, was sold by Ukraine to China).

The naval power of China

Installed on the aircraft carrier Chinese phased array radars, the characteristics are not inferior radar missile system «Aegis». Of equipment — installed CICS. Of weapons installed quick-charger "1030" and SAM «FL-3000N» (4×18). Wing of the aircraft carrier — 46 type aircraft J-15/35, maybe it will be unified, and it will be composed of up to 4 AWACS aircraft, from 6 to 18 helicopters Ka-28PL, 2 helicopter Ka-28PS. 1.09.2012, the first Chinese aircraft carrier assigned board number 16. The future destiny of aircraft carrier — pilot training ship in the naval ship's Institute.

— length / width / depth — 302.4/74/10.4 meters;
— height -66 meters;
— displacement of about 65 thousand tons;
— maximum speed of 32 knots;
— Team — 2.5 thousand people;
-armament: 46 units decked J-15/35, 4 helicopters, two anti-aircraft "1030" and four «FL-3000N».

Of the new frigates, embarked on line in the near future, we note 14 ship project 054 — Frigate "Linyi." The commissioning — the end of 2011. Frigates with the third unit are based on the revised draft 054A. In the development of frigates participated intensively Russian designers from St. Petersburg. The purpose frigates of Project 054 — the substitution of frigates in service project 053N. China offers frigates for export. Frigates Project 054 — modern ships are coming up very tightly features similar to zabugornom ships. Were used in the construction of signature reduction technologies, mounted vertical SAM launchers diabetes. Frigate was landing pad and hangar for helicopters Ka-28 / Harbin Z-9C.

The naval power of China

— length / width / depth — 134/16/5 meters;
-displacement — 4300 tons;
— engine — diesel 4 "16 PA6V-280";
— maximum speed of 29 knots;
— maximum range of up to 3,800 miles;
— crew — 190 people;
— armament: 1AU "713" caliber 100mm, 4 ZAC "AK-630", 2 launchers with 8 SIC «YJ-83", 1H32 SAM «HQ-16";
— 1 helicopter Ka-28 / Harbin Z-9C;
— 1 sonar "CIM-335."

Ships landing

In the combat strength of the Chinese navy has more than 80 amphibious ships, including DVKD Project 071, one of which is currently under construction. DVKD 071 project is based on a South American DVKD «LPD-17." In addition to China's navy includes about 150 different landing craft and 10 hovercraft. At present, a draft DKAVP with a payload up to 60 tons. In total, China has more than 500 different landing craft and ships in the various departments.

The naval power of China

Of the new amphibious ships note yield to the factory running tests 3.09.2012, the amphibious transport dock ship «Changbaishan». It is the third (out of 4) ship type 071 «YUZHAO». One of the largest ships built by Chinese shipyards. The largest displacement of the ship achieves 25 thousand tons. In combat missions, able to take on board a battalion of Marines with the standard appliances — up to 800 marines and 20 military vehicles. Amphibious transport dock ship can hold in your own two huge dock or four small hovercraft. The landing area with a helicopter hangar can accommodate two types Z-8/AS-321, capable of transporting 30-equipped Marines each.

— length / width / depth — 210/28/7 meters;
— displacement min / max — 15/25 thousand tons;
— maximum speed of 22 knots;
— maximum range of up to 6,000 miles;
— crew — 120 people;
— the required capacity: 800 people, 20 armored vehicles, four boats on the CAP;
— armament: 1 AC "AK-176", 4 ORD «AK-630", 4 launchers «Type 726", 4 machine guns, 2 (4) of the helicopter.

Of the new destroyers, note Launching 28.08.2012, the lead ship of the project 052D. Although he is an advanced ship design 052S, it is marked the latest milestone destroyers. According to its features, he caught up with South American counterparts. The main configuration of the frigate:
— 130mm artillery system «PJ-38";
— SAM «FL-3000N»;
— additionally installed 16 vertical launchers SAM «HHQ-9";
— Phased array radar "type 346";
— Radar detection of distant "Type 518» (L-band);
— increased overall properties.

The naval power of China

— length / width — 160/18 meters;
— displacement — 6000 -8000 tons;

The new ships applies a series of 2-class destroyers 051C. First destroyer "Shenyang" was laid in 2004, the second "Shijiazhuang" in 2005. In 2007, both the destroyer got into operation the Chinese Navy North Sea Fleet. The primary purpose of the EM-type 051S is to provide air defense ships operating groups of surface ships.

The naval power of China

The special features are the presence of the destroyer aboard the Russian anti-aircraft missile launchers complex "Rif-M" (6 launchers with 48 missiles ready for launch) with zone covering defense in range of 90 km at an altitude of 30 km. The missiles are guided to the target radar with a phased antenna (up to 12 rockets at once.) The basis for the creation of the ship served as a ship of 051V.

— length / width / depth — 154/17/6 meters;
— displacement of 6.5 thousand tons;
— Power — Diesel «MTU 20V956TB92» and gas turbine engines «DA80/DN802»;
— maximum speed of 29 knots;
— maximum range of up to 8,000 miles;
— Team — 280 people;
— armament: eight missiles «YJ-83", one AU "95" caliber 100mm, two ZAC "Type 730 CIWS», 2×3 SLT 324mm caliber, "RBU-2500", 6×8 CPG "C-300F", one helicopter type "Ka -28 ".

Missile boats
Among the new products should be noted RK missile boats, catamarans class "Houben 022." On this day, has built more than 40 missile boats. Kazakhstan to build capacities of 4 shipyards. These ships are one of the most successful completed projects.
The design of the Republic of Kazakhstan — doublecase execution. She secured the boat, catamaran improved seakeeping. The upper part of the body is a large area to discover the major weapons systems and equipment. The nose of a dvuharochnuyu design, which provided the catamaran drop shock and vibration loads. Boarding the boat catamaran made of aluminum alloys.
At RK installed two diesel engines rated at 3430 hp, and two reversible water-jet water jet propulsion. They allow you to gain speed catamaran boat up to 38 knots. Stealth technology applied to the data of the RK — the cooling of the exhaust gases from their exhaust between the hulls at the waterline.

The naval power of China

In the equipment of the RK "Houben 022" includes: radar detection of air and surface targets "type 362", radar navigation, surveillance equipment optoelectronic «HHOS 300."

— length / width / depth — 42.6/12.2/1.5 meters;
— displacement of 220 tons;
— maximum speed of 38 knots;
— team missile boat catamaran — 12 people;
— armament: 1 launcher with 8 missiles JV-83/YJ-82, ZAC «AK-630" and 1 SAM 12 missiles with a portable type.

Auxiliary vessels
Of exciting new products support vessels should be noted medsudno — hospital ship "Peace Ark". Hospital ship set is built at the end of the Chinese Navy in 2008. The first tasks for the purpose — in 2010.

The naval power of China

The ship has eight decks, which has modern medical equipment and apparatus. On board complied with 32 chambers for receiving 300. It is clear on the carriage of more than a thousand names of medications. The ship provided transportation and rescue helicopter «Z-8JH», which provides transportation to 27.

— Length / width / draft -178/25/6 meters;
— displacement — 14 thousand tons;
— maximum speed of 20 knots;
— Team — 309 people;
— medical staff — 107 people;
— 1 helicopter «Z-8JH».

A few words about the minesweepers
In the combat strength of the Chinese navy includes several minesweepers. About hundreds of ships of this class put in reserve. Construction of minesweepers at this p
oint is not conducted. Neglect of this class of ships is very weakened all the naval forces of China, according to the views of the majority of military professionals.

A distinctive feature of Chinese shipbuilders to this day is the rate of creation of the 1st ship. So the ship to the middle class than 2-years — from bookmarks on the stocks before flooding. And even though the new ships "strongly" simplistic compared with zabugornom counterparts use foreign equipment and weapons, visible progress in the development of naval shipbuilding and weapons — the creation of their own missiles and radars, airborne and missile ships and auxiliary vessels.

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