The predictions of soothsayers and psychics for 2013


Predictions have always existed. We believe in them or not, they are mostly true that plunges into shock the entire planet. Currently, we have a list of upcoming events for each year. And one of them — it's the end of the world in 2012. But can it be true, if there are already modern psychics predictions for 2013, contrary to the fact that in 2012 the planet will cease to exist, and most people die? After all the well-known Mayan calendar, the end of the world comes to December 2012.

We do not know the truth. But it is necessary to know their fate and the fate of all mankind data to draw conclusions on their own. So, predictions for 2013 relate primarily of negative phenomena. Modern psychics predict that in 2013 we are waiting for the band fatalities associated not only with the fate of Russia, but also with the fate of the planet.
What did stipulate psychics predict for 2013?
First, this phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in various parts of the world, affecting not only the countries in which they are located, but also nearby. Second, it's natural disasters on the strongest storms and flooding various coasts. Due to flooding will be flooded and completely disappear under the water rather big size of the island and in considerable quantity.

Also predictions for 2013 relate to the most powerful solar flares. As a result worldwide become dark. And a Dutch psychic, astrologer put forward the view that the sun will explode and did. No need to explain what will happen after this planet.

Another of the predictions related to our planet, for the fact that in 2013, between the sun and the planet Nibiru (Babylonian name sounds like that of the planet Jupiter) will be our planet Earth. As a result, the impact on each other these three facilities around the world train ride tsunami.

Furthermore, the predictions of psychics in 2013 tell us that around the world can begin to spread the plague, and it will be terrible famine, as it did once before in the 20s.

In some cases, the predictions of psychics contradict each other. For example, in terms of the economy, some psychics predict that in 2013 Russia will be economic recovery and the country will achieve success in the economic sphere. Other psychics and clairvoyants, however, caution that the possible economic crisis. As for the U.S., psychics predictions for 2013 indicate that there will another stock market crash, which mark the beginning of a new financial crisis.

Another prediction for 2013, which, at first glance, does not seem quite plausible for the fact that in 2013, our planet will move into the fourth dimension, which would result in the so-called Judgment Day. This event will lead all the inhabitants of the planet to death. Instead of ordinary people on the planet will be born gods. This result in the birth of a new evolution. Therefore, predictions about the end of the world still are those who bear them again and again. Only a year at this time, predict 2013.

How did psychics believe? Those who promise economic recovery or those saying that the end of the world still take place, but with a delay of a year? We only suggest this. These are the modern psychic predictions about our future. Why are they mostly relate only to the negative effects? Because the main objective of psychics and clairvoyants — is to warn us all of the coming calamities, disasters and misfortunes. Should I trust them — it's a private matter.

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