The private house in France crashed meteorite

October 14, 2011 9:51

After returning from vacation, the wife of a comet, living in the suburbs of Paris, found that the roof of their house is seriously damaged. Seeing the scale of destruction, chinivshy roof roofer joked that so much damage to the shingles could only meteorite.

So it turned out. On the "crime scene" wizard has found the stone age which, as it turned out, more than 4.5 billion years, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Black stone the size of an egg, found on the roof roofer four Comet, inflicted damage family almost a hundred euros. So much damage to the roof, the stone would fall from a great height, but in a suburban area of Paris, where the family lives of the comet, no high rises, no tall trees. Intrigued, from the roof of his house took a stone-destroyer, Martin Comet took him to the police. The guards gave the find to the local university.

As it turns out, has a cobblestone extraterrestrial origin, and its age is more than 4.5 billion years old. According to astronomer Alan Karion, stone came to Earth, separated from the meteor belt between Mars and Jupiter. The expert says that the stone is heated to unimaginable temperatures, passing through the Earth's atmosphere, and so the edge of the meteorite melted so much that it is noticeable to the naked eye.

This is not the first time that France has had a meteorite. Largest "alien visitor" was found several years ago in the south-east. Weight meteorite than 130 pounds.


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