The secret meeting at the United Nations: UFOs declassified in 2013!



Named year-2013th.

Michael Salla — Ph.D., director of the Institute ekzopolitiki and author of several books. He believes that at the present time with earthlings in one form or another interact with 17 different alien civilizations, and several more are constantly monitoring our planet. And this man got an email from two friends ufologists, who has full confidence. Their names — Clay and Shawn Pickering. Dr. Salla immediately released in UFO Digest that he had to learn from them. The news immediately picked up by other publications.

According to Pickering, a reliable source informed them of the UN February 11, 2008, that the next morning in the New York office of the United Nations appointed a secret meeting on the UFO phenomenon. It seems that a number of states concerned about the increasing influx of UFOs, and the representatives of these countries want to know what is happening. Source Pickering, who is currently working in the diplomatic corps, too, was early in the morning to come to the UN to the meeting. He said, in particular, that there is a secret working group that allows (or authorize) closed UFO disclosure information. And he called the date — 2013 — as the official disclosure of all data related to UFOs and aliens, and the time when the aliens find themselves in the most unequivocal manner.

Why not now?

It would seem that if the decision is made, then why postpone the event until 2013? Why not announce the contact with aliens right now?

Because, says a source from the UN that people need to prepare psychologically for such events. We must get used to the idea that we really are not alone in the universe and that aliens exist long ago on our planet. In other words, we must give people the opportunity to gradually "acclimate" to adapt to the perception of the events to which we have to be. Time until 2013 and is called — "acclimatization period". In the meantime, in order to carry out this very "acclimatization" will be organized by "emissions" of relevant information.

It is particularly important, as the source said, to make people aware that the events leading to the gazetting of data about UFOs and "alien phenomenon to the people" would be linked to "ethically oriented" aliens who do not constitute a military threat to our planet.

Is fear of the reaction?

Certainly believe somewhere up there, we have something to worry about. In the recent sharp rise in the number of cases of UFO sightings around the world — in the United States and Canada, Latin America, Turkey, Australia … In the U.S., for example, people seriously agitated by the events in Texas, where on January 8, and now a lot of people are not only seen a UFO in Stephenville and other places, but also collected a lot of photos and videos. One witness even said that the UFO was a mile long and half a mile wide. Besides behave inconsistently military — on eyewitness statements that on 8 January UFO chasing the fighters, the military initially said they had no air force exercises then not performed, but when the number of UFO sightings began to increase and people got excited, they suddenly "recognized" that the teachings still are. People are worried and demand the truth. But what if it is indeed manifest? Even difficult to imagine, say authorities.

But what scares us so?

May have to recognize not only the fact of the presence of aliens on Earth and contacts with them, but also to discover the essence of secret antigravity technologies that have borrowed from the aliens, but stubbornly withheld for 50 years. The official publication of the fact that on other planets, too, have a life, can cause people to fear, panic, despair. How so? After so many years we were told that UFOs and aliens — a fantasy schizo! What if the aliens want to conquer us and our planet? Are we able to protect themselves? No? And what, I'm sorry, they generally arrive here from other planets? After all, our science says that for such operations required of the century!

The most vulnerable point will be, obviously, scientists, since the disclosure of secrets of extraterrestrial life will make a lot of unnecessary stuff now they cherished scientific theories and models. And it is possible that begin mass suicide — for different reasons. A source from the UN and Pickering said that they "recognize" the approach of a decisive moment for a dramatic increase in the number of suicides because many suddenly realize that life is not something learned, do not believe in that. A lot of what was considered a true, is false …

Can not be silent!

The decision to organize the "dosage leakage" of sensitive information may have something to do with the fact that a growing number of politicians, scientists, astronauts and other famous people claim to have seen a UFO or not to doubt their existence. Maybe it is connected with recent debates in the Japanese parliament and statements by the Minister of Defence about how Japan responded to by aliens, they appeared in the Japanese airspace and demonstrate its peaceful intentions. It is likely that some states have already set up on the development of its policy on responses to newcomers. So, if the information contained herein is accurate, it is not excluded that in the near future, we will hear how the government one after another public their policy statements about how they would react to the appearance of aliens in the air space of the country.

Probably parliamentarians around the world will now instruct the UN, helping to develop policy on aliens. Among such briefings will probably attract and leading media sources, and those, in turn, will become increasingly popular in the media to cover the resulting data on UFOs.

In general, it seems, has already started the countdown to the official disclosure of the UFO mystery, so that the United Nations and individual states informed. And in the next five years, the process of "acclimatization" significantly accelerate …

All agreed.

Pickering met with its source, which is currently working in the diplomatic corps, on the eve of a secret meeting at the UN. The source made it clear that he has a "good" for a meeting with ufologists and that it coordinates its actions with the right people. He also explained that globalization — is an effort aimed at making more than 200 nations to unite into a single community, followed by a worldwide representative will speak on behalf of everyone on earth when dealing with the alien council — something like the galactic federation.

What else did the diplomat?

Pickering probing it this way and that, without urging, however, disclose ill to avoid jeopardizing his safety. Source found it possible to tell the following.

First, the briefing is the need to co-sign with other states some documents relating to UFOs.

Second, a group that has already been created, which includes himself, the task of which is to gradually carry the information about UFOs to certain segments of society, for example, at this stage — to UFO society.

Thirdly, the briefing was to "calm the nerves," managers of some States in cases of UFO sightings. For example, according to the source, is seriously concerned about the Russian. And we need to let them know that UFOs — it's not the machinations of someone's intelligence or armed forces. The source even said that at the briefing he has to come in civilian clothes to Russian feel at ease — "they hate the military uniform."

Fourth, although the UFO incidents are happening all over the world, the next contact with the aliens are not such as it is shown in the movie "Independence Day" and spaceships — not as large and dangerous

Fifth, when the contact is finally installed (officially to the world), no ambiguity is left.

… It is clear that this information is not widely perceived as a credible ufologists. It is possible, some believe that the Americans are bent upon to test a new aircraft — that started in the media misinformation to lull the vigilance of foreign intelligence agencies.

Well, maybe so. As they say, wait and see …

S.Anina "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 15, 2008

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