The students’ leader is not upset

[Img =] The leader of the first division of Russian football "growth" lost clinging desperately to the salvific 15th "Sportakademkluba." Rostov missed a chance for two rounds before the finish line to become the winners of the championship, if the "Kuban" is not lost in Saransk Ulyanovsk "Volga". "Sportakademklub" well, you do your home game at the stadium "New Khimki", left the relegation zone, ahead of "Metallurg-Kuzbass". And victory in Khabarovsk November 3 on "SKA-Energia" guarantees Constantine Sarsaniya team in the division and in the coming season. [Cut] In the last two rounds of the championship of Russia in the first division remained only one plot. Still have to decide two losers, who will leave Division. On Monday, the 42 th round, the last chance to save the lost Ulyanovsk "Volga", and found out about this volzhane before the start of the match with the "Kuban", the news of the victory "Sportakademkluba." "Volga" in the last home games played ugly, losing even a hopeless Bryansk "Dynamo". And then another blow as a "control shot". In addition, the match with the "Kuban" because of the unwillingness of the native grass volzhane performed in Saransk. It would seem to prove the players of "Volga" has nothing, and who does not. And they take, and stop the Krasnodar club, which in the case of victory would preserve the theoretical chance in the first place. But apparently, the Kuban great celebrated miraculous victory in Naberezhnye Chelny, which gave them a start in the Premier League. And so they decided to let volzhanam slam the door. At the same time depriving the penultimate division of intrigue. Having won a ticket to the Premier League three rounds ago in the home match with "Alan", "Rostov" then in the next meeting with the outsider "Mashukov" spent six unanswered goals, then stumbled in Makhachkala. In the game, "Anji", however, Oleg Dolmatov could not count on the four disqualified players, others were given time off. And do not say because that Rostov see out the season. However, in Makhachkala, they lost the opportunity to earn 100 points in a season, but worked toward his goal Dmitry Akimov, score three consecutive games before the game with the "Sportakademklubom" stood at 99 goals. Most likely, the dream will come true soon Akimov has finally become a full-fledged player Premier League (formerly Ivan spent only 4 games in the "Zenith" in 2000-2001) because conquer milestone of 100 goals in the first division must have this season . In Khimki Dolmatov Akimov decided to keep, as well as five other main players that are left in stock — Gerus, Circassian, Aspen, Hong Yong-Jo and Zivanovic. In this case, took place at the gate Maxim Levitsky, who had previously played only two matches, starting the championship — in Belgorod and Rostov in the derby with the SKA. No wonder that with such a balance of power, and in fact has absolutely no nominal guests motivation tournament first half Rostov failed. After losing a home game suspiciously "Metallurg-Kuzbass" Konstantin Sarsaniya outlined the terms of the players, which counts in the end of the season and his third straight game the first team is unchanged. And on the talented leadership came forward Alexander Danishevskii who can not find a team where its potential is finally revealed in full. Danishevskii scored the goal, "Torpedo", then scored twice Bryansk "Dynamo". And in a game with the "Rostov" in combat with Nikita Denisov Alexander Evstigneeva forced referee signaled a penalty, which sold Mikhail Lunin. In this case, Levitsky was not enough small to reflect the impact of one of the few veterans of SAH. The second half started Dolmatov in turn produce on the field of their leaders, first Circassian then — Captain Michael Aspen. And the game is finally passed on half of the field "Sportakademkluba." The overwhelming advantage of the "Rostov" was once Sarsaniya replaced Danishevsky. The guests meanwhile intensified Bosnian Mersudin Akhmetovich who uses every opportunity to prove their need for coaches and team in the coming season. Scoring two goals of "Alania" and "Mashuk-KMV" Akhmetovich equalized in Khimki. Going one on one with Mikhail Komarov, he beat the goalkeeper, which account for one match in the Premier League in the Moscow "Dynamo". The ending of the match was held with mutual chances. Missed the first two points Oleg leather belt, then double could have scored replaced Danishevsky Eugene Gavryuk, please with the post. Still, Denis Rustan (pictured it with Danishevsky) locked in the 89th minute cross Lunin, thereby bringing the capital club a victory that has simplified the task of wards Sarsaniya. During the last round of the game, "Sportakademklub" will get three points automatically, as the "star" withdrew from the tournament. So 54 points in the bank already. They probably will not be enough to save, so that SACU will have to play to win in Khabarovsk November 3. And take from "SKA-Energia" three points away quite possible, given that all the problems of the Far East have already decided.

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