The sun winked who saved the mankind



Wonderful pictures of stars made on December 22 orbital observatory NASA. The sun winked mankind December 22 — the day after it became clear that the end of the world according to the Mayan canceled. "Winks" our star appeared in photographs taken orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA.

"Winks" The sun was due to three spots on its surface caused by magnetic activity. Pictures spots reminiscent of the first footage from the sci-fi film "Journey to the Moon", says The Daily Mail. In this case, pictures are of practical value — they allow you to learn much more about the processes occurring on the Sun's surface.

At NASA, commenting on the pictures did not fail to remind unrealized fears before the end of the world. "Despite reports of the ancient Mayan prophecy, the mysterious planet, which was faced with our own, or reverse the rotation of the Earth, we are still here", — joked the head of the Center archaeoastronomy John Carlson.

Note that Carlson was one of the authors has alarmed Internet video "Why yesterday was the end of the world", in which the experts at NASA tried to allay fears of the inhabitants of the looming apocalypse. Video has caused mixed reactions: some people have suggested that NASA employees are afraid of the end of the world, so the film posted on the Web before the fateful date.



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