The system worked: now lawyer Khasavov extremist

A criminal case against a lawyer Dagirov Hasavova. Lawyer accused of incitement to hatred, hostility and degradation. The grounds were his statements in the interview Ren-TV.

April 24 news release on air Khasavov covered the creation of the organization "Muslim Union". The lawyer said the need to spread Sharia courts. In particular, he said, if Russia will not allow Muslims to be judged by Sharia law, Moscow will be filled with blood.

These statements caused sharp criticism from the side of politicians and public and religious figures. In particular, representatives of the Northern Caucasus.

Khasavov himself says, his words misinterpreted.

PS: and how you can still interpret these words? Well, he has not only said it. In general, about all the stories read more here. And one very interesting article with details that some people would be expected to ignore.

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