The U.S. authorities are organizing fund to support non-governmental organizations in Russia

The U.S. authorities are organizing fund to support Russian non-governmental organizationsPhilip Gordon, Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America by European and Eurasian Affairs, said the municipal department in the U.S. Congress discusses the company fund to support NGOs of.

In the middle of the week a meeting of the Subcommittee on European Affairs of the Committee on international relations of the United States Congress Senate America. According to Philip Gordon, the plan of care Democracy held consultations with Congress about the initiative in organizing the fund, that he supported the NGO in any organization is the desire for a more pluralistic and open society.

RIA "Announcements" report that Gordon drew attention to the fact that fund no need for additional software. Everything you need for it may give the US-Russian vkladyvatelny fund. He added that the discussion takes place with certain committees of Congress on this dilemma and soon there is a solution.

As a representative of said municipal department in the United States since 2009, received about $ 000,000 for 160 help movements for the protection of human rights, the fight against corruption, with independent media info and Russian democracy.

Gordon argued that funds U.S. not so long ago used to supervise the elections to the Duma and programs from education to mass disk imaging systems professor and impartial world news, to the current collection of public opinion. He expressed gratitude to Congress for its help, without looking at the difficult situation with the budget. It should be recalled that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suggested earlier to make harder the responsibility of those who make the tasks of foreign countries, getting into the political life of Russia. Putin said that zabugornye funds used in the political sphere inside the country, and it's worth your loaf. Impermissible injection of foreign funds for electoral act. At the current time on the job to Russia from abroad flock to hundreds of millions of dollars. Necessary to form the current configuration of the protection of state sovereignty from outside interference. From it came the proposal to discuss with members of the State Duma this situation in the ONF.

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