The U.S. is approaching hurricane century, several states introduced emergency mode

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26. Five U.S. states introduced a state of emergency, in one of them — "the number one ready." Because of the approach of a powerful hurricane "Irene" in New York City residents were evacuated en masse.

According to experts, reports portal, "Irene" may be a disaster century.
According to weather forecasts, storm fall on the American coast on Saturday morning. The first will be on her way to North Carolina, there has already been declared the highest level of risk. The state capital, "Irene", is expected to reach Sunday. Just a disaster zone proposed 55 million lives. The state of emergency, except Carolina, entered in New York, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey.

The governors urged the citizens to observe extreme caution, writes Pravda.Ru. Some airlines cancel flights. Some experts predicted a flood.

"Irene", which is assigned to the third category of danger has passed destructive step in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. The hurricane killed at least four people, evacuated more than 30 thousand people.

Add that to the U.S. this week struck the most powerful in a century earthquake. Magnitude quake was 5.9. Damage received various buildings and structures, including the famous obelisk — the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral in Washington.

Notes that the aftershocks may continue for several weeks.

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