The U.S. Navy adopted the requirements for new nuclear submarines

The U.S. Navy adopted the requirements for new nuclear submarines

The U.S. Navy adopted the main requirements for a promising strategic nuclear submarines SSBN(X), which must be change the obsolete nuclear submarines such as "Ohio." As reported by Defence Aerospace, a document containing requirements for the submarine, signed the project manager Captain William Brogem (William Brougham) and deputy head of the Development of Marine Systems Command Shipbuilding and U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Thomas Eccles (Thomas Eccles).

The signed document, namely, describes the characteristics of a promising ship, the requirements for the launcher of ICBMs, designed for four mines. A similar plant will be put on British submarines promising that must be change existing strategic ships like "Vanguard". What kind of direct technical requirements it is not specified. SSBN (X) must be to serve in the U.S. Navy to 2080's.

At the current time the U.S. Navy submarines are 14 types of "Ohio." They planned to change the 12 new SSBN (X), the construction of the first of which will begin in 2021. The U.S. Navy will SSBN(X) in 2027, and combat use of the ship will begin in 2031, after intense testing and evaluation applets. The price of building a submarine SSBN (X), taking into account the design is estimated at 11.7 billion dollars. Funding for the project began in 2012.

Details of the South American project has not yet been disclosed. Presumably, the first step of SSBN (X) will be armed with ballistic missiles Trident II D5LE (Life Extension, missiles with extended life), and multi-purpose cruise missiles, Tomahawk. The design life of a submarine is 40 years old. New nuclear reactors, ships will not pursue charge in the medium throughout the life of SSBN(X). Subs get 16 missile silos for ballistic missiles (with "Ohio" — 24 mines).

Earlier, the U.S. Navy announced that SSBN(X) should be equipped with the most modern equipment and technology that must be provide them with an advantage in the college over its lifetime.

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