The U.S. Navy began searching spoofing Super Hornet fighter

The U.S. Navy began to search for a replacement fighter Super Hornet

The U.S. Navy announced inquiry for information on carrier-based fighter aircraft and electronic warfare, which should be in 2030 years of the change were armed F/A-18 Super Hornet and E/A-18G Growler. As reported by Flightglobal, will be taken to assess the projects developed from scratch or based on existing aircraft, as projects Innovative technologies that can be used on airplanes promising. The main parameters to assess the price will be technology and its use.

"The main purpose of this request is to obtain a disk imaging on the promising aircraft based on the nuclear aircraft carrier and capable of providing an advantage in the air and solve a number of other tasks. A list of the main tasks performed by aircraft contains for aerial combat, the application of ground attacks, antiship struggle and concrete air support ", — quotes Flightglobal query text promulgated by the Navy. New plane can be both unmanned and optionally manned.

Fighter, referred to in the request as a F / A-XX, should will be based on the type of aircraft carrier "Nimitz" or "Gerald Ford." He should Deck will add a link from the fighter F-35C Lightning II, and unmanned aerial vehicles with the possibility of intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and application of precision ground attacks. The initial combat readiness for F / A-XX for previously scheduled for 2030, but will be modified depending on the price and difficulty of the project after conducting a risk assessment of its implementation.

Other requirements to a promising aircraft of the U.S. Navy is not dubbed. At the current time a preparatory design of the new deck to replace the F/A-18 aircraft and G/A-18G deals only concern the South American Boeing. According to the Head of Unit Tactical Air Command, Naval Air Systems U.S. Rear Admiral Donald Gaddis (Donald Gaddis), it is possible that in the future the Pentagon to require that naval cooperation with the Air Force in the development of the new fighter.

In the coming couple of years, the U.S. Air Force can manifest inquiry for information on a promising sixth-generation fighter FX, which should will change the outdated F-22 Raptor. Given the fact that the Pentagon in the coming 10 years is to reduce military spending by at least 480 billion dollars, the agency may require the Air Force and the U.S. Navy to work together to develop a promising aircraft. Part of this strategy is similar to the project the creation of the fighters for the Air Force, Navy and U.S. Marine Corps on a single platform F-35.

So far, the main characteristics, such as price and volume of purchases, programs F / A-XX is not defined. The command of the U.S. Navy wants to conduct a painstaking analysis of the acquired U.S. manufacturers info and on its base to form a final list of requirements for a promising aircraft.

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