The U.S. Navy had a bad test missile RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 for a missile defense system

The U.S. Navy had failed tests of the missile RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 for a missile defense systemSouth American naval forces conducted tests of the latest bad interceptor missile, which should be one of the parts of a missile defense (MD), reports Reuters. "The new version of the interceptor missile RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Was launched on board the guided-missile cruiser Lake Erie, but she was not able to hit the target missile fired from the Hawaiian island of Kauai, "- said in a statement. This was the first test the latest version of the interceptor. According to representatives of the South American Missile Defense Agency, on the basis of the current test will be investigated, which will help to establish the prerequisites of bad start.

Interceptor missile, which has now failed to hit the target set for the destruction of short-range ballistic missiles. It will be based on military ships.

The previous version rocket — SM-3 Block 1A is already in service. In addition, this is the rocket killed descended from orbit south american satellite USA-193. On board were 454 kilograms of toxic fuel and U.S. authorities were afraid that it could cause severe damage to the environment if fall to the ground.
Recall, February 21, 2008 rocket SM-3 was launched from all sides of the same Lake Erie and at an altitude of 247 km killed satellite which was the size of a large bus. Russian government then accused the U.S. of carrying out the test instruments for the benefit of the creation of a missile defense system capable of, inter alia, to destroy foreign satellites.

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