The Wehrmacht stoned

The Wehrmacht stonedNovember 9, 1939
Dear ancestry, sisters and brothers, I am serving in Poland, there is hard and I ask you to understand me when I write only every day or 2-4, now I only write in order to ask you to send me meth.
Your Henry

This is an upcoming Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll parents and it was not something unusual — Wehrmacht soldiers in 1939 were given methamphetamine, Benzedrine and isophane for cheerfulness, and when they did not have enough meth — they asked the parents to send them to him. Parents was not difficult — in the Reich methamphetamine sold openly, even in the form of chocolates, which are dubbed "pantsershokolade" — "Tank chocolate" for being willing to take his soldiers.

The first testers of meth were 90 students who 1939 , under the supervision of Dr. Otto Ranke military means perceived and expressed confidence that the pills help them be cheerfully and energetic, then it got tankers and drivers before the invasion of Poland, well after portions of success meth began to receive fliers. Frame specifically methamphetamine, Benzedrine and isophane contributed to the success of the Blitzkrieg in Europe.
Only in April-July 1940 the Wehrmacht was 35 million pills from the office, "Knoll" with the annotation to use up to 2 pills a day for vivacity.

In 1944, in the camp of Sachsenhausen was tested brand new wonder-pill D-IX for submariners. Its composition was 5 mg of cocaine, meth 3 mg and 5 mg of oxycodone (painkiller). By the way, the subjects were not prisoners goner, and well-fed guys sporty. Thanks Tabletochki D-IX submarine crews could do without sleep up to 4 days.

Fun, the creators of the miracle pill after the war were shipped to the U.S., where did the "courage pills" for the troops in Korea and Vietnam. Based meth naturally. Exclusively in the years 1966-1969 the U.S. Army had swallowed 225 million pills dextroamphetamine and meth. It is believed that South American fighters ended officially "stuck" in 1973, in fact — who knows?

PS A good documentary film on the subject now at 20:15 the second time repeat channel ARTE.

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