The world economy is concerned water reserves

About 60% of the world's leading companies have already set these targets are the costs of water, which they intend to comply with its use.

Acute water shortages in the near future is a matter of growing concern for businesses, according to a global survey recently published in all newspapers.

Studies show that more than half of the 147 large firms expect problems associated with water scarcity in the next 1-5 years.

This suggests that 60% of firms have set clear targets and measures for the rational use of water.

Data predict that things will obstoyat much worse as the global demand for water will increase significantly over the next few decades.

UK chief scientist John Bedington (John Beddington) warned that the lack of water resources will be the main cause of problems in the environment.

This message from the consultants were requested ERM established investors who wish to see how their investments are at risk due to the shortage of water.

It shows that 39% of businesses are already suffering from problems related to water, including being violated because of drought or flooding, inadequate water quality, and increasing water prices.

Sectors of the economy that may suffer most from water shortages are food processing, beverages and tobacco products, metals and mining.

Organizations like never aware of the risks for their brand if they are not taken care of in time preventing excessive water consumption in countries where its delivery is not great. Their arrangements for the use of best practices for water reveals an acute awareness that water is different from the carbon that fuel are often alternatives, but the water there are no alternatives.

The study was sponsored Carbon Disclosure Project, which is held at the request of 137 established by investors who put US $ 16 trillion.

Jacqueline McGlade (Jacqueline McGlade), Director of the European Environment Agency welcomed the initiative of enterprises on how the water flow. "Changes in climate lead to global issues related to water resources, as one region drought prevails in the other — the flood. So we have to adapt our infrastructure and control the flow of water in accordance with the existing natural environment "- she said.

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