These people are not hard to please — they will always be against the authorities’

Orthodox clergymen of the perturbation of the liberal human rights conditions of detention of illegal migrants in the camp …

The large-scale raid on illegal immigrants in the capital has led to the fact that the detainees in the detention was not enough room. General Directorate of the Interior Ministry in the city of Moscow together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations opened camp on one thousand people — it was almost full, but the legal status of the initiative is still unclear, writes"Kommersant"
The camp was opened immediately after the detention of 1.4 million illegal immigrants (mostly from Vietnam) — a special place for workers simply do not have enough seats. Right on the pavement are two rows of army canvas tents. The detainees sleep in bunk beds. Near a solid wall of one hundred booths composting toilets, then — kitchens, where buckwheat is cooked with stewed meat. Everyone is engaged in the Moscow ministry.

Human rights activists complain about the conditions of detention of illegal immigrants. "This camp has no legal status, — says the head of the fund" Civil Assistance "Svetlana Gannushkina. — Under the law, people can be deprived of liberty except in certain institutions — the police station, jail, detention center. So, here in Moscow is a place where people are deprived of liberty without any legal basis. "

Meanwhile, the Federal Migration Service has prepared a draft law on the establishment of 83 new Russian institutions for illegal content and service requests to increase staff by 4.5 thousand people. Now in Russia there are 21 special distribution, including where are illegal immigrants.

Regions.Ruasked well-known clerics and experts to comment on the news.

Archpriest Alexander Pelin, rector of the theological school of Saransk, the candidate of theology, chairman of the Department for Cooperation of Church and Society of Mordovia Archdiocese, said that the practice of such camps exist everywhere: in the same prosperous French people before you get the official status of a migrant worker resides in a special camp.

"Living conditions — is another question. And what are these conditions? It's summer, I have been in the top ten of tent camps for children, and so it is better to live in a camp than a prison or an old run-down hut, where all is rotten. So that human rights defenders can complain about how much you want: they want to offer in return? What can realistically be done to improve the situation with the rules of migration in Russia? What are human rights defenders in general, if they work for my country? The same Ludmila Alexeeva is a citizen of the United States. Let surrender his U.S. passport, and then shows us how to live, "- he said.

"Let's be fair to our government, and then we cry," The authorities do nothing! ". And the authorities are beginning to do something, then immediately shout, "What a disgrace!". Let's decide which country we want to live — if the one where law and order is enforced, then illegal immigrants should be deported. Where they have to deport? It's not like Sweden, where one prisoner to the entire prison. Perhaps in the future there will be long-term camp, when will the relevant law. We need to give everyone the opportunity to do their work, let screamers scream and then, most importantly, do not pay attention to them, because if everyone rowing in his side, the boat can not cope with the storm, and will leave in a whirl. Let the illegals are engaged in relevant bodies within the competence ", — concluded the priest.

The abbot Hermogenes (Ananev), cleric of the Moscow Danilov Monastery, noted that the idea of taking control of illegal migrants in principle correct.

"The problem is how this will be done and what the result will be? This is a very difficult problem, but it must be solved. Of course, people living illegally, creating a lot of problems. God forbid that happens some crisis or force majeure event, and we will be faced with a huge uncontrollable mass of people destitute, homeless, ready for anything. Will the state's ability to ensure the security of its own citizens? As for the camp, I hope that it's still not a concentration camp. Some normal everyday human conditions there should be ", — concluded on. Hermogenes.

Priest Valery Bulannikov, cleric of St.. Nicholas at the estate, said that the camp for illegal immigrants — an international practice.

"At least in Europe. From the U.S., as far as I know, once deported after his arrest. Something, of course, have to do with us. First of all, should be the appropriate laws. It is clear that illegal immigration must be fought because it creates problems in the economy and in the legal field. Persons who are in the country illegally, should be sent. No other way to solve the problem of not. Therefore, the actions of the migration service is quite understandable. It is inevitable. All of the country where it is faced with the problem of illegal business, increase in crime, drug trafficking — all those phenomena that are destroying society. So you need to deal with this is pretty tough, otherwise we subject ourselves and our children in grave danger. Labour migration should be carried out only within the law ", — concluded the priest.

Rev. Alexander Shumsky, cleric of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki, believes that institutions are necessary in order to filter the flow of migrants.

"And illegal aliens, of course, need to be sent to your home. Should remain the only people whose work is really required for the country, whose activities are exclusively for legitimate purposes. It is clear that the right to send home illegal immigrants is difficult, and therefore need such intermediate points. What you need to send, everybody would agree. Otherwise, the crime situation has become unbearable. On the human rights activists, in my opinion, everything is clear. First they scream that the government does not fight crime, but when the government starts to do something, they scream that the government establishes a regime of dictatorship and concentration camps. These people can not please everyone — they always will in any case against the government. Look back at them is not necessary. Both the U.S. and Europe is quite tough attitude toward illegal immigrants and will be even harder, "- concluded on. Alexander.

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