They believed the Nazis

They believed the Nazis

On the buckles of Wehrmacht soldier has been written, "God is with us» («Gott mit uns»), curiously, it was the slogan and the Russian Empire. But in the realm of ideology in the 3rd Reich attended the ideas that were repugnant to Christian ideology. Adolf Hitler himself did not deny that learned a lot from "precursors": "I have always trained with their own enemies. I studied the revolutionary technique of Lenin, Trotsky and other Marxists. And the Catholic Church, the Masons I got the idea, which he could not find anybody else. "

They believed the Nazis
The ideology of Nazism was not new for Germany, even in the early XX century was drawn municipal ideology, which was based on three basic principles:

— Pan-German;
— cult Kaiser converted to cult leader;
— cult army.

That's why Hitler became popular so quickly, these installation guidelines have been accustomed to the Germans. They were introduced in the days of the German Empire. The advantage of the idea of the German race over "degenerate" by the West and the "barbaric" East be successfully been implemented yet for a long time before Hitler came to power. Although it is clear that thought "Nordic race", that it "clean", "direct" descendants — it was the Germans, was wrong. Thus, the population of Pomerania, Silesia, Austria, East Prussia, in general, the Central and East Germany was in the main not from the Germans and the Slavs Germanize who were referred to Catholicism, was deprived of faith and language. In addition, during the years of the terrible Thirty Years' War (1618-1648 years) German lands have lost one-third to three-quarters of the population, after which the state structure thoroughly diluted settled in Germany disbanded army of mercenaries — the Spaniards, Italians, Swiss, Scots, etc. etc. At this time in Germany surged Jews from Poland and Little Russia, which escaped from the rebels and the Cossacks of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, they just cut them up by the roots. In the end, many of them have become "the Germans."

Even the nobility was thoroughly "diluted" is not "Nordic" blood. Germany long been fragmented place of the 10-s principalities, lands and cities. Because the place was perfect for a variety of merchants, bankers and moneylenders. Princes and magistrates of the city, constantly in need of money, Full Tilt them gave different benefits, because in Germany drove the Italians and Jews. Many German officers, nobles, so to improve their financial situation, did not shun marriage to the daughters of wealthy Jewish.

Even outside in Goebbels, Hitler, Himmler, and a number of other senior functionaries of the Reich difficult to find a "Nordic" features, and proclaimed by them. The same well-known warlord Manstein — Lewinsky, had Jewish roots and the head of the Imperial Head of Security Heydrich. No one bothered origin banker von Schroeder. In principle, it is understood and the most senior leaders of the Reich. Thus, during the racial purification in the army and navy, after the Nazis came to power, was dismissed just seven officers, six cadets, 35 non-commissioned officers and a soldier. Well, Hitler's Nazism itself was pretty close to Judaism — thought "God's chosen people" of Jews and Germans, respectively. Only the Jews in Hitler changed the Germans, the Germans were to rule the planet, becoming a "chosen by God".

Cult German ruler — Kaiser — was replaced by the cult of the Führer (leader). Fascinating that Hitler, like Trotsky, was able, without preparing in advance speeches, write a lot of "trans." Providing it is not a magic effect in your own words, and the specific impact — body movements, gestures, tone of voice. The impact was on a subconscious level.

The cult of the army, "warrior", "power" (Nietzsche's theory) was also not new to the Germans. It was more of primitive antiquity, the Middle Ages remained in the idea of chivalry. Hitler and his followers and those who stood behind them, until just breathed life into their latest. And Christian shells were almost thrown around — the same Nietzsche railed against Christian morality. Extolled ruthlessness, the will to power, leadership characteristics. No mercy for enemies. The works of Friedrich Nietzsche have been very popular in Germany, well, not only, in the First World War. The cult of power and ruthlessness was soaked and Nazism. And yourself favorites were not close all these standards, so Goering was a drug addict, Lay and Kaltenbrunner were drunkards, Goebbels was profligate, etc.

Entered into an ideology of Nazism and the occult theory — the "unknown superiors," the "hollow moon" theory "four moons", "Ice and Fire". In addition, the Nazis intensively developed the theme of past civilizations, the "Order of the Green Dragon," etc.

They believed the Nazis

In the end, Nazism became the newest religion, as Goering stated: "It is not true that Nazism does the latest religion. He has a brand new religion. " Almost everything — it was a neo-paganism, but distorted, based on the worship of "Black Sun". Came eventually blend of neo-paganism and Satanism, a breakthrough in the inferno. Thus, Hitler believed that his "Providence leads" that he receives forces and ideas "of Valhalla", the otherworldly realm of the dead, the old Scandinavian peoples.

The creation of the "Aryan church" engaged Himmler had its nucleus become SS units. It was not just the elite units of the armed forces, security units and punitive parts, and some Royal Order, which came into the elite of the Reich — the officers, bureaucrats, aristocrats, party leaders, scientists and artists, industrialists, financiers. Have developed their signs, rites, rituals, laws. One of the centers of the new cult was Wewelsburg castle.

They believed the Nazis

Powerful institution of the modern ideology and religion became Company "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage"), which carried out both scientific and occult quest. In the end, "Ancestral Heritage" was include a system of 50 institutes and research centers. Even the creation of concentration camps were delivered to the base of the occult: calculated where such facilities do not bring harm to the Reich and to the people in terms of energy, and even on the contrary, will benefit. In the end, the concentration camps became cyclopean altars in honor of the "Black Sun". H
ence the greatest ruthlessness in the East, was cleaning the area for the "master race."

And Christian denominations in Germany were not prohibited, even hike to the East declared a "cross" against the "godless" Bolsheviks. The military had the right to profess the Catholic or Protestant faith. But the elite of the Reich from Christianity emphasized kept your distance. In the army and navy have been banned collective worship. The members of the SS had no right to celebrate Christmas, Easter and other Christian prazdnichkom. They celebrated their choice — black magic, although imposed on ordinary natural cycles that are celebrated all the nations of Eurasia.

In general, the project involved "restructuring" of the consciousness of the people: the same cult "Force" violence "was characterized not only SS units. The Army also participated in punitive measures, their were significant collection of film and photo chronicle, where the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht boasted of their "exploits". By the way like a modern "feats" of the Yankees in Vietnam, NATO troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

German industrialists used slave labor stolen from the East, not considering them as people. Danzig Institute of Technology studied neuvvyazkami use of corpses — were composed of human skin processing techniques, recipes, making soap from human fat. Hundreds of doctors, not only the SS, their assistants, nurses participated in the experiments on human beings — of infection of malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, provoked gangrene transplanted bone, frozen people, etc.

Tillers took ashes from concentration camps to fertilize fields, has at his disposal male and female slaves, with their shoots staged "hunt". Do not confuse the Germans implementation purchased at reduced prices taken from the people in the concentration camps of things. And how many parcels received from the East with the loot junk. Do not confuse the banks to get things executed: gold and silver products, including dental crowns, earrings ripped out of your ears. This flow of stolen gold and silver later from German banks flowed into Swiss banks.

In other words, it appears that the god of the Germans and the elite of the Reich, as the puppeteers behind this project, at that time made a "dark lord" Inferno, "Black Sun" is not in vain Lucifer, one of the names of the devil, from Latin means "New Lights . "

They believed the Nazis

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