This is — the way to the collapse of France

In Paris, a mass demonstration against the legalization of same-sex marriage

Opponents of the law, supported by the Catholic Church and the right-wing opposition, insist that a bill legalizing same-sex "marriage" and adoption of children by same-sex couples threatens the institution of the family, the basis of the social life of the state. "We do not want to turn France into a brothel" — outraged protesters.


According to the Metropolitan Police, in a demonstration attended by more than 300 thousand people. The first few hours of the protest passed peacefully. However, when a stock is coming to an end, about a hundred students tried to break through barricades on the Champs-Elysees street. Could be heard shouting, "Hollande resign!", "Hollande, fire!". The police tried to keep the protesters, which used tear gas and truncheons. Police actions have caused a backlash, and more protesters came over the barrier. Participants of the rally sang the national anthem of France — the "Marseillaise." As the French media, the continuing protests of the conservative society somewhat weakened support for the bill.

By the way, according to some online publications, on the streets of Paris went from 300 thousand, and about 1.8 million people. Was completely filled with long baggy street protesters Grand Armee.

Among the protesters were elderly, conservative wing activists, students with parents, priests and students.

Alternatively, addressing the protesters offered to hold a referendum. Hollande was reminded, when he came to power, it promised to "consult with the people" on all important changes. A city of Perpignan February 16 Hollande was sent a hand-written letter with the words "So far so good" and a photo of General Charles de Gaulle. More than a transparent allusion to the well-known events of 1968 that led to the resignation of President de Gaulle …

Today the French are really protesting, in fact, they are not acting as "against" as — "for". For the preservation of traditional country in the recent past, Christian values, first and foremost. Alas, such a minority of the French today. According to the French Institute of Public Opinion Research, 63% of the citizens are ready to allow same-sex couples to marry.Premer Minister Jean-Marc Ero says: "French society is changing — no doubt about it, and the government must respond to these changes." And react. The current authorities are legally cancel the saints for every human concepts as "mom" and "dad."

And where to get to? In fact, the law was one of the main points of the election program of the candidate for president of France, Socialist Francois Hollande. And no promise of socio-economic and political problems, he performs today, and it is this program item. With the submission of the President of the bill was approved by the French government, headed by Mr Eyraud. Then the National Assembly (lower house) has approved only the first article of the bill "Marriage for All", which states that "marriage can be between two people of different sexes or the same sex." After the voting majority of the deputies of the Left parties, including the Socialists, stood up and started clappingchanting "Equality!".

"This is progress, not only for the people concerned, but also for the whole society," — commented the president Francois Hollande. "This is an important step on the road to equality" — said Dominique Bertinotti, the French Minister for Family Affairs. Of course, the lower house of parliament finally approved a bill allowing same-sex couples not only to enter into formal marriages, but also to adopt children. Now, in the country there is little doubt that the relevant law is approved by the Senate, which also owns the majority socialists and signed by Francois Hollande. Justice Minister Christian Tobira has already said that the law will come into force in the summer, despite numerous protests. Gay organizations in the country were encouraged so scared the government's decision.

"Let's not be penny wise — to allow polygamy, incest, pedophilia. It's also, according to the logic of the socialists, contrary to foundations of the Republic. We popustitelstvuem perverts! This is — the way to the collapse of France, mark my words, "- said the mayor of the city of Orange, Jacques Bompard, the leader of the party" Southern League ".

Recall in France since 1999 allowed civil unions of same-sex couples. Contracts to give them the same rights of married couples in areas such as adoption, inheritance taxes. However, France does not legally recognize same-sex marriages while. So far, adoption by same-sex couples were allowed in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, but in none of these countries had no such mass action, as in France.

However, five thousand amendments to the bill "Marriage for All" socialists hard not to notice (rather pretend), citing the fact that the majority of French people care about, let, say, getting married, as they want.

And it is overlooked, that when it comes to children, the emphasis society radically changed: 85% of French people strongly oppose the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Inherent national gallantry and European tolerance then it does not work out.

The authoritative French edition … «Atlantico» two weeks before the starters January 29 parliamentary hearings put the discussion on the question: "Same-sex marriage: changing mores or profound changes in civilization?" I think it will be useful to us and find out what was said by some participants.

Dowd Bugezala, journalist and deputy editor of the newspaper «Causeur»: 
"Although it gives a slightly cynical, I would say that the reform only reinforces alarming changes in society: the collapse of the family, the gap of public relations, the extinction of the transmission of cultural capital for the sake of social and economic capital (a legacy and a network of relationships that can easily be converted into cash the labor market) … It seems to me that the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage opened the symbolic significance of the institute, which have long been considered obsolete. "

Jean-René Binet Professor of Law at the University of Franche-Comte, a recognized expert on bioethics"The main question that no one had still not raised now is whether society is ready to abandon existed for centuries genealogical continuity of the reproductive system in favor of a completely artificial system of relying on individual preferences. " And further: "None of the 11 countries in the world that permits same-sex marriage, has decided not to back down. I would argue that when the right to return to power, they will not cancel this reform. Today's society is so focused on this issue because of conflicting political situation: the gap between left and right in the polls has never been so great. "

According to the participants, if the second bill (adoption) will expand the use of reproductive technologies, then France will enter into a whole new era, with a family and a bioethical point of view. It is with the help of modern facilities in France each year are born
50 thousand children. The leader of the parliamentary faction of the Socialist Bruno Le Roux calls to lift all restrictions to access, to allow more people to artificially produce children. In this connection, it was suggested, and that the mass surrogacy — is the highest degree of destruction of all social institutions: the children transformed into a commodity, is completely lost continuity and genealogical roots, is de-structuring of society. In general, speaking in Russian, many French people in two or three generations will have the opportunity to become Iwanami, not mindful of kinship, that is Zhanami, non-kinship.

It is natural that, as the newspaper reported «Le Figaro», "Representatives of the six major French faiths (Jews, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Muslims, and Buddhists) have similar views on this issue and oppose same-sex marriage, with the possible exception of the liberal wing of Protestantism. Concerned about them and the question of adoption of children by such families. "

The main opponent of the law for gay rights — the Roman Catholic Church. The Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André van Troyes has repeatedly stated its opposition to the initiative Hollande. Among the people who believe Catholics are 83% -88%, Muslim — 6% -8%, Protestant — 2%, Jews — 1%.

Chairman of the Council of Muslims, Mohammed Moussaoui says that "Islam, like all the other monotheistic religions, does not allow marriage between two people of the same sex. So we — against this bill. " The same position is taken and Orthodox. And the Chief Rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim though and puts the "fight against homophobia" on a par with the fight against "racism and anti-Semitism" and does not want to make decisions about morality, and so — "to make a judgment about homosexuals," but still does not agree with the project which "may deprive children the most important right, the right to have a father and a mother, and not the parent number 1 and number 2 parent."

Note that in France, according to the «Financial Times», in France 32% of respondents described themselves as atheists, another 32% — agnostics. Many can do in such circumstances, religious denominations, and even though they all decided to act separately?

We should also note that France has deep historical roots in the cultivation of the phenomenon of sodomy. Even during the French Revolution, the National Assembly rewrote the penal code, omitting any mention of homosexuality. Thus, France became the first country in Europe where sexual minorities can live freely, without fear of imprisonment or execution. The Napoleonic wars led to the fact that sexual relations between members of the same sex are no longer considered as a punishable offense and territories included under French control, such as the Netherlands and the German state. France initiated the adoption of the UN Declaration on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (December 2008). This document is in many Western countries is regarded as an achievement in the protection of human rights, the destruction of taboos in the discussion of LGBT communities in the United Nations.

By the way, for all "Achievements" of this kind are also money, and very large. Exactly how much, we can assume, judging at least by the fact, which gives the so-called income LGBT tourism.

Travelling people with different sexual orientations, it appears, have become an important part of modern international tourism industry. (!) According to the «International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association» (2006), the annual financial turnover in this sector of the market exceeds $ 65 billion Around 60 countries were involved in large-scale advertising campaign to attract travelers — members of sexual minorities.

According to the study «Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study», tourism market, specializing in travel and leisure LGBT reach a record profit in 2013 — 181 billion. Growth in this "sector" of 9.7% on an annualized basis, compared with 165 billion in 2012, despite the unstable economic situation and the ongoing crisis in the eurozone. Topping the list of the United States, which showed a profit of 52.3 billion dollars, second place is Brazil — 22.9 billion, the third Japan — 18.5 billion European market reached 58.3 billion profit in 2012 to list of countries actively developing the LGBT tourism, joined by Turkey (5.1 billion) and Israel (1.1 billion). And among the 20 most desirable for the LGBT tourist cities, according to the study «Out Now», Paris — the sixth in the world.

According to «The Washington Times» (01.03.2013), «the world's largest corporations have supported gay marriage by signing the petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the letter they claim equal rights for gays well affect the business. Among the signatories of treatment — «Google», «Facebook», «Amazon», «Microsoft Adobe», «Apple», «Cisco», «eBay», «Electronic Arts», «Intel», «Intuit», «Oracle», «Twitter Zynga», «Citigroup», «Johnson &Johnson», «Goldman Sachs», «Nike», «CBS Corp.», «Starbucks and Disney», transmits publication «». Just joined the initiative 278 companies. " They believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman is bad for business, worsening relations between the employer and the employee, as well as causing damage to other business interests, because it "forces employers have different attitudes to employees when they are in a same-sex marriage or geterosekusalnom , even though in both cases it was lawful. "

As they say in such cases, no comment.

And one more thing about which we can not say. The first socialist president Francois Mitterrand, was for many years an adviser Jacques Attali (some time later the director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), who developed his theory similar to the theory of historical mondialism. According to his version, which he revealed in his book "horizon", comes the third era — "the era of money", which are the equivalent of universal values and the condition of good governance. Now the whole earth, in Attali, dominated by market relations, based not only on money, but on information technology. Dominated by the liberal-democratic ideology. Is a homogeneous, unified world, which is based on the principles of geo-economics. Last gives priority to non-geographic, ethnic, religious and other factors, and, above all, economic.

In general, the meaning of mondialism means the full planetary integration, in the transition from a multiplicity of states, peoples, nations and cultures to the world of uniform — OneWorld. (A platform for such integration may well be quite uniformly LGBT movement).

France risks becoming the country finally winning sodomy. Did among today's French socialists and "ten righteous" is not there? And among the country as a whole? If not, the case of France all bad: for the Christian world, it is lost forever. The Bible has to caution. On the eve of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, who "were wicked and sinners" (Byt.13 13), Abraham learned of the impending punishment, asking the Lord to spare the city for the sake of the righteous who might be there, and received a promise that the city will be spared these if they can find even ten righteous. Alas! There was no …

Hope springs eternal: France still does not give up, fights, protests …

Valery Panov

Especially for the Century

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