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On our site now being actively discussed article Zenon Pozniak "False elections. False behavior." Main idea and appeal of the leader of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front is the main job now be aims to boycott the elections fraudulent. Because after Haidukevich with the campaign have spectacular opportunities for the boycott to overturn the whole system falsyfikatsyynuyu regime. You probably read the article, you are there also zgadvaetsesya What would you say Poznyak to the call for a boycott?

Nekljaev: From the beginning I did not rule out a boycott, as one of the possible outcomes of the presidential campaign in Belarus. It all depended on how we will agree to cooperate … It's easier just to agree with himself. Therefore, from the very beginning was that that was a single candidate. How to agree on the boycott, if it is 10 or even 15 candidates?

Call Lukashenko help the weak opposition presidential candidate comes down to what? First, it is a demonstration of the people of Belarus that the opposition, these thugs even to the collection of signatures can not cope. He said that we all gather 100-150 thousand. And we appointed a percentage — 2.4.

So Shejman with Radkov came and said, "No, my dear! Not so. All they have is not bad." Then here's to you — is allegedly of his grace we have these signatures.

Yet there is a second aspect — it's provocative proposal of the President in violation of all codes, electoral and nyavybarchyh: "If you do something zmahlyuetse, then this trouble, do not you be missed signatures, draw there a phone book." Here's what else sounded. And God forbid this will buy.

Zenon S. certainly right when he suggests it is the democratic forces of Belarus, but he understands — by the tone of his article is the obvious — that agree to come to this election scenario in this situation, which is already by far, is unlikely.

But I personally, or with the boycott or not, I will strive to ensure that we maximize or reduce the number of people who remain on the ballot and still came to the same candidate. If we come to one candidate, it is not needed be seen in the this situation no boycotts.

Every day I'm standing on the picket lines every day I meet people and feel that they are tired of all this. So far we have atomized, all exist separately. We do not have faith in the fact that between us in this society can begin such a chain reaction — once-again-time, one after the other. But something is going to happen. I intuitively feel that there will be a breath, this reaction will go and this regime will end … 19 th December.

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