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Many continue to be naive to believe that humanity is alone in the universe. This is not the case. Billions of civilizations in the universe. Many of them have visited Earth many times, and some reason decided to settle here with us for a long time …

The world's media, has long been in the hands of social parasites, spend a lot of resources to discredit the topic of contacts earthlings with alien civilizations. It happens not only because of the total ignorance in the matter by the appearance of life on Midgard-earth and other planets more space makes it easier for the enslavement of the peoples of the earth, and their management, but also for information covering existence of an actual cooperation with U.S. authorities civilization Gray Race. Our lives with you for more than 50 years ago have changed on several alien technology. Changed cynical, as in the market. And if not for the intervention of the White Hierarchs living on Midgard-earth and are fighting for our freedom future, at the present time, we have lived under the rule of another civilization hostile to us … To clarify this subject, we have already published a series of articles Victor Eagle "When are wrong" Gods "," placed in the "world order." Today we publish more information on this very important issue, which we found on the Web and an excerpt from the 2nd volume of the book of Nicholas stunning Levashova "The Mirror of My Soul", the head of the "X-Files San Francisco ".

Part I. Separate agreement with the United States an alien race

Vladimir Zabelyshensky

During the 50 years through the efforts of many people in the higher echelons of the U.S. National Security Agency, political circles close to the presidential administration were collected evidence of the existence of a separate agreement with the Government of an alien race of beings. It is a betrayal of human civilization has been made with the personal involvement of President Dwight Eisenhower to bypass the constitution and the U.S. Senate. Analysis and verification of information have been risky and often deadly business.

In 1953 astronomers discovered large objects in space which were adopted for asteroids. It soon became clear that the strange objects located at a very high orbit around the Earth's equator. Among them were huge objects that could only be spaceships. The Security Council adopted the United States, consistent with the President's decision, the closure of any information or transfer it in the category of misinformation in the media in the event of any information from sources in the United States or other countries.
The joint directive NSA and CIA prescribed expand the work to enhance the availability of technical and analytical tools within the "Plato". The system of control of radio communication "Sigma" was able to identify a regular information exchange between the ships.
A specially designed program based on logical combinations of signals in binary code, helped draw attention to the newcomers, and later, to establish some semblance of the infor-mation exchange between the orbiter and the Center for signals intelligence.
During the exchange of information relatively long time could not get an answer to the main question: what are the intentions of the aliens? The turning point in worrying situation occurred on 20-21 February 1954. Closer to the night on February 20 inner circle of the presidential administration found that Dwight Eisenhower "disappeared", and no one knows, against the rules, which at this time is the president. Early in the morning, the President showed up in Los Angeles. Administration hastily preparing a plausible version of overnight travel head of state.
It turns out that the president overnight toothache as a result of fallen seals, and he immediately flew to the familiar dentist. Security guards found "dentist", which could present a ubiquitous reporters. Meanwhile, the president of a small group of advisers landed at the airfield Muroc. Later, this place was created the largest base of Air Force Edwards.
Judging by the quite competent sources, the true purpose of visiting this base has been prepared in advance a meeting with representatives of an alien race.
After 50 years, have become aware of some details of the first contact at the highest level. One of the first to lift the veil of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century, was Gerald Light — Director of the special studies. He was among the advisers to the president, who arrived with him at Edwards Air Force Base.
"I flew on Air Force base in the group, which included: Franklin Allen, Edwin Noers — a former financial adviser to President Truman, two high-ranking military and Cardinal James Francis McIntyre — a representative of the Vatican. It is well known that religion relates to UFOs and aliens diabolical manifestations. But the president and his advisers decided that the tacit support of the Vatican at the right time can be useful.
After a long examination and filling the necessary paperwork we were allowed to go to a small protected area. All members of the group were in clear disarray and confusion of aware-ness that yesterday's fiction today appear objective reality. Opened the side door and entered President Eisenhower. Unlike us, he has been assembled and is very energetic.
Dr. Noers, in particular, was to analyze the possible economic consequences of contact with aliens. The president spoke briefly with the Cardinal and reminded everyone of the strict confidentiality at the end of our important mission. I think that this part of the group of advisors quite consistent with the conservative nature of American society in 1954. "
From other sources we know that after the contact at the highest level on Feb. 21 were held two or three meetings with representatives of another alien race. At a subsequent meeting was also attended by the President, in another case, the contact took place at the level of representatives of the NSA and the fiduciary administration of President Eisenhower. These contacts and separate agreements with at least one of the alien races were not in the name of humanity and in the name and on behalf of the military-political leadership of America.
Charles L. Suggs — a former commander of the U.S. Navy, a member of the Presidential Task Force at Edwards, at a meeting on the issue of UFOs in 1991, shared his impressions of the first contact with the alien race.
"I and several officers had to meet the base of the alien visitors directly on the site of their landing near the administration building. One of the officers noticed a strange circular cloud, which decreased almost vertically, swinging like a pendulum.
A minute later we saw a lenticular object with a diameter of about 35 feet. Its brushed metal surface seamlessly and design highlights, projections played. The object hovered about 10 feet above the Betonka and from the proposed three telescopic masts. With a slight hiss he touched the ground. We felt that the air is saturated with ozone. There was a disturbing silence.
Suddenly, something clicked in the case appeared oval hole through which literally "floated" two beings. At first glance, they have little, much different from the people. One of them went down on betonku a 20-feet away from the object, the other remained standing at the edge of the "saucer." It was a relatively high beings, something about 8 feet, slender and surprisingly similar to each other. Their bright, almost white hair almost reached their shoulders.
They had pale blue eyes and colorless lips perfectly. The one who was standing on the ground, motioned that he could not come near to us and must abide by this distance. In fulfilling this condition, we went to the building. It is interesting to note that when the stranger put his foot on the ground at the next step, she seemed hovercraft slipped forward. It was not clear whether the deal thick soles of his shoes land or not. "
CIA Director William Colby says that the first meeting with an alien race could not come to an agreement that would suit the president and his administration. The same conclusion was reached by cabinets.
The fact that the representative of an alien race has set a number of conditions that were clearly not feasible, at least for the period of the military-political situation in the world. The stranger, on behalf of his race, who arrived from another solar system, offered an ultimatum, we do not come in contact with another race that we call the "Greys" (Gray), promising in the case of an agreement to help us get rid of this race of ruthless invaders. Then the stranger said that they want to raise the spiritual and intellectual level of earthlings. Asked President: are they willing to give us new technology was refused.
That was enough to not discuss anything else. The last point in the negotiations has put the stranger, demanding to stop the further development of the technologies of all types of weapons. It should be noted that after the talks when asleep psychological stress among the president's team had a disagreement over the fact that no steps have been taken to reach a compromise.
Talking about good and bad aliens, it is appropriate to note that in the 50's Francis Swann — woman with unique abilities sensitivity — collaborated with the CIA and the administration of President Eisenhower on a wide range of issues, including those related to exploration, UFOs and alien races aliens. She checked the accuracy of information differed.
Swann claimed that the only race "Scandinavia" is intended to save the planet from nuclear annihilation. But the callous and brutal humanoids «Greys» seize the initiative, surpassing the "Nordics". Those and others were and still are the kinds on our planet and divorced her intelligent animals. In the late 80's, it became apparent that Francis Swann was right.
William Cooper — a representative of the CIA in the Pacific Fleet, who had access to classified material the higher command headquarters of the U.S. Army, said that shortly after the failed February talks were held two meetings with the other races, including the so-called «Greys».
These negotiations were held in 1954 at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. In this case, an agreement was reached. «Greys» tell a story or a convenient legend about his race on a planet in the constellation Orion. Their race is dying out because of changed conditions on the planet, and they are forced to look for opportunities to save his race.
During a subsequent meeting in 1971 on the same basis Holloman Robert Emenegzherom and Allan Sandler was filmed by a documentary commissioned by the CIA about the meeting with extraterrestrial aliens.
According to William Cooper's agreement with the «Greys», reached in 1954, contained the following:
• aliens would not interfere in the affairs of earthlings;
• Humans (U.S. Government) will keep secret the presence of aliens on our planet are;
• aliens will help us in technological development;
• This assistance will only apply to the American nation;
• they are allowed to abduct a number of people for their genetic research, ostensibly for the purpose of monitoring the development of the human race;
• they are obliged to return the kidnapped people, provided that these people will not remember any-thing about their abductions.
Phil Schneider — mining engineer and geologist, who worked in secret programs in the field of building underground bases, said: "In 1954, the Eisenhower administration, bypassing the Constitution, has signed an agreement with the aliens from outer space who settled on Earth. At that time it was called "1954 Greada" agreement.
On the basis of this directive were drafted NSA modernization of existing and the creation of a new multi-storey underground bases for the separate or joint ventures with alien visitors. In most cases, we dealt with the race "Greys" or its variants. "
Michael Wolf — the doctor of theoretical physics and computer science, a member of the National Security Council, former adviser to President Bill Clinton on programs related to UFOs, admits: "The agreement with the Eisenhower extraterrestrial race will never ratify, as required by the constitution."
Many participants in the talks say that the agreements are always an element of coercion on the part of the aliens, and at the same time, everyone agreed that we can not stop them. They are too advanced and able to destroy not only us, but also almost all of human civilization except those they will leave as biological material.
Philip Corso wrote in his memoirs: "In fact, we gave up the most aggressive alien race of aliens. They dictate their terms to us, knowing that we are afraid of publicity of any of our agreements. "
By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens have deceived Eisenhower and broken the agreement. It turned out that the aliens capture a large number of people not only in the United States. It is not known how-to people not returning them. It was found that, at least, it is about the many hundreds of thousands of people trapped in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
General Douglas MacArthur at the meeting of the Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Army in 1955, said the foresight not to mention any agreements: "Nations of the world must be united, because the next war will be an interplanetary war. Nation of the Earth in the near future to create a united front against the massive invasion of aggressive alien races. "
In the early 70's aliens so-called "Nordic" type of posts disappearing CIA and contactees many countries. Against this background, dramatically increases the activity of gray humanoids (Greys).
In the oceans and seas, and the mountains of the planet reveals more alien base created without the knowledge of any government. The activity of a UFO above the surface of the moon and outer space, up to the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. Armed conflict with the aliens in an underground base sharing S-4, Nevada, finally convinced the government circles that the situation is completely out of control.
There was a difficult problem: what to do? What to say to his people and to the world?
Further concealment at the state level, the presence of UFOs and aliens has become meaningless. In many parts of the world UFOs appear most airliners. Capturing people and mass vivisection of animals from year to year increase.
Activity continues to increase uncertainty Aliens U.S. National Security Agency in matters of possible strategic response, forcing the Senate in the near future to make the NSA and the CIA to reveal all the secret and open matters related to space aliens.
The problem of alien presence was seen 21-25 January 2004 at a closed session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This fact significantly increases the chances of a speedy deployment.

Part II. X-files of San Francisco

Fragments of the 2nd volume of his autobiography Academician NV Levashova "The Mirror of My Soul"

In 1954-1955,. negotiations took place between the aliens and the highest circles of the U.S. government. At the second meeting with the aliens (held at Air Force Base Edwards) was present U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Dwight David Eisenhower). Although the secret signing of the contract took place only in 1964, when U.S. President Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon Baines Johnson), the U.S. Secret Service, such as the National Security Agency (National Security Agency) and the top-secret service, such as "Royal-12» (Majestic-12) and a number of others, who reported directly to the secret world government, started to get alien technology during the time of President Dwight Eisenhower. And one of these alien technology was the technology of cloning.

However, the aliens did not pass all at once. First they passed the growing technology clone, but much later transferred from the original transfer technology to clone human memory. Therefore, the first clones were exactly copy of the original, but with the consciousness of the baby. And few people know that the U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy) was shot in the head is not November 22, 1963 in Dallas (official version), and the White House in Washington as his bodyguard when he followed in his Oval Office into a conference room to inform the media of the country on a few "minor" events.
First — he wanted to publicize the negotiations, which the U.S. government is with the aliens. And the second — he signed a decree (which was not repealed until now, but was never completed) on the return of the dollar emission control of the state.
So, John F. Kennedy signed a decree on the return of the dollar emission control of the state, which, together with the desire to make public the negotiations with the aliens, was his signing of the death penalty itself. It is quite clear that he was not allowed to make official statements on these issues, and it is understandable that it eliminated its own bodyguard. But … very clear that the report that the U.S. president was killed in the White House, no one is going to.
Therefore, and organized the whole show with the murder of his clone in Dallas before a public performance occurs for which the clone was not capable. And what is most interesting in all this is the fact that the clone of John F. Kennedy mortally wounded bodyguard again, probably the same one, shot at close range, when the bullet entered from the left temple and came out on the right, snesya part of the head.
Small entrance bullet hole and blasted out of the skull at the exit, saying that the shot was fired from a very close distance. Another bullet entered the President's neck from behind on the right and left front. All this and more is said that the attempt on John F. Kennedy committed not Lee Harvey Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald), who just set up.
It is curious that Lee? Ndon Baines Joe? HCOH (Lyndon Baines Johnson), who became president of the United States almost immediately after the death of John F. Kennedy, in 1964, signed a secret treaty with aliens. But this is a separate issue …
Over time, the aliens and the technology was transferred to the memory of the original recording clone. It was necessary to first write all memory of the original, so that later it can be recorded on pristine brain clone.
Next need to clone occurred during the presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan (Ronald Wilson Reagan). On his March 30, 1981 was an attempt by some John Hinckley, one of the outstanding bullets struck the left lung which Ronald Reagan. According to the official version, the president after the operation quickly returned to normal, doctors hitting speeds recovery.
This, according to the official version, and according to the "unofficial" version, President Ronald Reagan died during surgery! Instead it continued to have the presidency of the clone, which explains his "striking" fast, according to the doctors, recovery after injury.
Another interesting fact that Ronald Reagan had health problems before the attempt on his March 30, 1981! But after the "injured" it rained diseases as from the "horn of plenty", including cancer. A few years later he was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery to remove polyps in 1985, followed by operations in 1989 and 1990. In 1995, he underwent another surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his neck. In addition, he suddenly appeared, and other diseases.
It seems to be nothing unusual, but … causes of all events were in that tissue grown clones were unstable, and it was the cause of cancers and damage various systems of the body. The reason for this was that the transmitted cloning technology was developed by an alien race with a very different from the Earth's genetics.
So alien cloning technology required finishing in terrestrial conditions. And it took a lot of time and only to the 90-th years of the twentieth century, Americans were able to bring their secret laboratories of cloning technology to a desired state.
The fact that the Secret Government was preparing to be sverhtsinichno and mean, though, what else can you expect from such a government social parasites who have already sold all of humanity with the Midgard-earth under a contract with the civilization of gray.
Cunning plan was very simple and flawless or almost flawless! To create a clone doll was only required to obtain a blood sample for a person, that's all. And when you consider that almost all of medicine in the world is controlled by social parasites, they have almost no problem getting blood samples from any person, including (especially) politicians and government leaders around the world. And more … simple!
In special secret laboratories grown "dolls" clones and the right people … when the right man comes to the U.S. on an official or semi-official visit, he or she is invited "to stay" a few days rest from labors. Important guest politely agrees and goes to the "welcoming" place, where he was waiting. And there guest is immersed in a mortuary in the full sense of the word sleep, during which the guest write down all of his memory. This memory is then transferred to the brain "dolls" clone this man.
And the next morning, an important guest wakes up completely refurbished in the full sense of the word! Moreover, this "doll" clone is under the full control and management of their creators.
"Well," rest, an important guest, or rather his "doll" clone returned to his country, and no one even suspects that this is a manageable biorobot!
Here's what the grand plan to take over the World was developed in full compliance with the signed in 1964 by U.S. President Lee? Ndonom Baines Joe? HCOH agreement with the civilization of gray …

Russian News Agency (Rouen).
"Advisor" — guide to good books.

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