Tiger extends the family

Universality of the armored vehicle "Tiger", developed and commercially available "Military-industrial company" mentioned more than once. More recently, it was reported that on the basis of an armored car "Tiger" was created self-propelled anti-tank systems "Kornet-EM", a mobile complex with unmanned aerial vehicles "Tiger" MK-BLA-01. Today, the company introduced a new product — a mobile automated complex technical control, and simulation of electronic jamming electronic facilities on the chassis of the car "Tiger-M", created by specialists of "military-industrial complex" and JSC "Institute" Standards ".


Military experts have long been interested troops EW idea of installing special equipment on mobile armored wheeled chassis. Until recently, most of the cars were supplied in electronic warfare troops on the chassis or non-armored army trucks or on the chassis of multi-purpose light-armored tracked carrier MT-LBU. Both have considerable size and limited maneuverability. Now the army was highly mobile and secure complex of electronic warfare on the basis of "Tiger."

Created by JSC "Institute" Standard "equipment automated complex technical control, electronic simulation and jamming electronic facilities (REI MKTK PP)" Leer-2 "harmoniously blended in zabronevoy amount of" Tiger-M ". Now, such a complex can operate in close proximity to the front edge of the enemy, which provides greater efficiency EW.


"Tiger-M" MKTK REI PP is designed for signals intelligence emitters, jamming and jamming electronic means (RECs). In addition, the system allows testing at landfills, creating a real jamming environment and simulation of the various RECs, assess the electromagnetic environment. And that's not all the features of the new complex electronic warfare "Leer-2" recently adopted by the supply of the Armed Forces. Mobile automated complex EW-based armored car "Tiger-M" does not have analogues. The Ministry of Defence plans this year to acquire more than a dozen of these complexes.


A large internal volume booked "Tiger" in combination with a high load capacity, protection and maneuverability allow you to use this machine as a base for the installation of a wide range of weapon systems, reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare equipment, and much more. Indispensable in the near future may become the "Tiger" and how health and recovery vehicle. By the way, today in the Russian army has no secure means of evacuating the wounded from the battlefield.

Now experts "Military-Industrial Company" in close cooperation with other enterprises of the domestic defense industry are working on the next version of the "Tiger" for the special units of the Russian army.

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