Tiger-M went to the troops with the new engine produced in Russia

 Photo source:izvestia.ru

On the Russian army began to enter the modernized armored car "Tiger-M" with a new diesel engine JAMZ-534-10. According to the manufacturer specifications JAMZ-534-10 is not inferior to or exceeds U.S. Cummins engine, which is equipped with the first "Tigers". However, the tests will take place directly in the military, so lucky to get the engine or not, it turns out only a few years, experts say.

— Without the experience of military service can not confidently say, good or bad engine. The fact of the development of production in Yaroslavl, a matter of respect, but the speed with which JAMZ-534-10 standard-equipped with armored vehicles, gives rise to questions. It usually takes several years to bring a new engine to mind — says the editor in chief of the specialized magazine "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski.

One of the main reasons why the "Tigers", released in 2007, did not start in the series, was a foreign engine. The machine is mounted on Russian Cummins 205 engine, developed in the USA and manufactured in Brazil. Adopt a car with foreign military accessories then could not, and its engine was not.

To solve this problem, "Yaroslavl engines" that are part of GAZ Group, have developed a new diesel engine JAMZ-5347-10, which stated characteristics in no way inferior to American.

— According to our engine power by 10 hp superior to the American Cummins. He and higher torque and lower fuel consumption. "Tigers", which we have started to supply troops for the next three years will be equipped with the new motor — told "Izvestia" the representative of the corporation "Russian Machines" (the parent company of GAZ Group) Sergei Suvorov.

Now "Tigers" — though with American engines — in trial operation in military special operations. There cars arrived in 2009 and are used in special operations in the North Caucasus.

— Cars with engines of Yaroslavl we wait, but not yet received. To those machines that we have no complaints — good cars — said an officer of one of the brigades, who asked not to indicate his name.

The driver "Tiger", also on condition of anonymity, told "Izvestia", that for three years the machine never broke.

— There were minor faults — for example, light bulbs burn out constantly for some reason, the rear window was cracked, the door does not close properly, because of the heavy armor. But all in all a great car. We think that with the Yaroslavl engine will be no worse, or what is the change — said Sgt.

One car once fired rocket-propelled grenades.

— The grenade fell into the cabin through the open door, the car was empty, all fought. And even after an explosion inside the "Tiger" went to the base of their own. Now it is fully recovered and he continues to serve, — the commando.

Arzamas Engineering Plant still continues to put on the "Tigers" Cummins engines, for police and civilian customers, but after the expansion JAMZ-530-series plans to use Yaroslavl engines.

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