Tigers military-industrial complex is not standing still

The other day, the first time the general public was presented a modernized version of the famous armored car GAZ-2330 "Tiger". The new car, according to manufacturers, is different from the base case, first of all, a higher degree of protection that meets at the 6-th class — 6A, even formed the basis of his name — "Tiger-6A."

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

What else could surprise a new car for potential customers, as well as the difference between the other and has proven himself to dempokaze in Tagil machine "Tiger-M", said "Russian Arms," a representative of the manufacturer of the MIC, Director of the Alexander Sokolov.

He noted that ballistischeskaya protection from armored car was super high. "This represents the additional booking. To protect the elements necessary to carry primarily the bottom that facilitates standoff detonation min. Another important factor is a modernized version and glass thickness, the shape of the joints of doors and doorways. All together — this has enhanced ballistic protection machine. But, of course, "Tiger-6A" was, as a result, harder. A wide audience, this machine is presented for the first time, "- he stressed.

It should be noted that in Tagil scored and an older "friend" of the family of these beautiful cars — "Tiger-M". The car, presented for the first time in the defense industry last year in the International Exhibition "Interoliteh" with distinction fulfilled its task and dempokaze arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. According to A. Sokolov, this is the only car in its class, able to perform all the exercises that he showed on dempokaze.

From basic armored car "Tiger-M" is different set him Yaroslavl engine production "Yaroslavl Motor Plant" because of the requirements of the domestic consumer. "State client once staked a claim to use Russian engines, with which our company has successfully coped. The car — domestic engine without compromising power and at the same excellent dynamic qualities, "- said A. Sokolov. It should be noted that in the base case used the license Brazilian American engine assembly Cummins.

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

New machines are actively interested. According to the representative of the military-industrial complex, with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation — supply contracts to be signed. In addition, there are potential buyers and foreign — will be soon signed a contract with one of the former Soviet republics.

Multifunctional wheel drive car GAZ-2330 "Tiger" is intended for use as a vehicle and operating-company car Russian Interior Ministry in counter-terrorism operations, the tasks of territorial defense, to assist the Border Guard Service, including the transportation of personnel at the march, to protect the crew from fire weapons and explosive devices.

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